Organising a green event – 8 tips

how to host a green eventParties and promotional affairs are great for bringing people together for a specific cause.

By keeping your event green, or environmentally friendly, you can enjoy all the fun without the guilty conscience.Here are 8 tips to help you to organise your green event:

Limit paper

This goes for everything from handouts and invitations to napkins and tablecloths.

Opt for electronic invitations, reusable tableware and for paper that cannot be avoided, choose recycled products and provide recycling facilities for your guests.

Keep it local

When it comes to things like food and flowers you can reduce your carbon footprint by supporting local businesses.

Consider seasonal locally grown foods and when choosing a location for the event, opt for something that is centrally located, providing the least amount of commuting for the majority.

Go natural

Use natural light as much as possible in order to reduce using electricity.

If you are hosting an evening event, opt for LED lighting or soy-based organic candles.

Ditch the disposables

Serve jugs or pitchers of water rather than bottled water at tables.

For tableware such as cups and plates, say no to plastic and use reusable items. If you can’t wash up for that many place settings, then support businesses that provide compostable products.


Set up recycling bins for your guests to use and encourage them to use them. If the event is large, you may need to recruit waste collectors to make this work.

Limit litter

The small things can make a big difference – If you’re issuing wristbands to your attendees;  companies like TA Ticket Printing produce tab-free wristbands that, with their absence of the peel away flap that is often carelessly tossed aside, will further reduce the amount of litter that would get lost in the grass or swept up in the wind.

Reduce meat consumption

Opting for plant-based dishes provides a more environmentally friendly meal for your guests.

If you must serve meat, find a local free-range farm that can provide organic produce for the event.

Green Gifts

At most events or parties people will take home a little gift with the organisation’s logo on it.

Put some thought into this and choose one that is going to carry on the green message after the party is over, such as a reusable shopping bag, reusable water bottle or flower seeds.

Throwing a green event or party is not difficult. But it does take a little more effort at being diligent and considering the source of everything from the food to the take-home goodies and everything in between. It also helps to put one or two people in charge of greening your event.

Have you ever run a major event and managed to make it eco friendly?

Article courtesy of Jacqueline Bodnar