Protecting The Ozone From Your Home

protecting the ozone from your home


We often talk about going green, and being sustainable – but how often do you consider your impact on the Ozone?

The ozone layer has had moments in the news, and then it gets overshadowed by many other different global issues. However, the ozone layer is vital for our survival and life itself. The more damage it sustains, the more difficult it becomes for all of the inhabitants on the planet.

So how can you do your part to protect the ozone layer from your own home?


CFCs can be very difficult to avoid due to their presence in the home. Most often, CFCs are found in freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners and more. For a long time, CFCs were added to cleaning products, hair spray and more.

Pay attention to the chemicals you are using, and cut back where possible.


There are more cars on the road than ever, some family homes have multiple cars. And while they are incredibly convenient, they add a lot to ozone damage. Where possible, opt for public transport or even biking to get where you need to be.

Local Products

With so many small businesses, it is easier than ever to buy locally produced goods. While often local goods seem to be more expensive – they can help with mass overconsumption too. Buying less and of higher quality is a great thing to do. Another great thing about buying local is that you don’t need to drive/travel as far to get what you need.

Sometimes it can be easier to visualise the ozone layer when we can see it, like on this great infographic below:

Infographic by ozone layer