The Future is Now …

E.ON InnovationWho are most qualified to create the next generation of energy products and services? Do you think we should leave it to scientists, inventors or entrepreneurs?

I don’t know about you, but I find my friends have some of the best ideas. A simple chat over coffee can reveal the most amazing ideas and innovations.

If you’re a closet innovator then I have good news for you!

This month E.ON has launched a crowdsourcing project called E.ON Innovation. The aim is to find the next generation of energy products and services from the UK public and it coincides with Channel 4’s show “Home of the Future”. The show provides a fascinating insight into the life of a Sheffield family as they have their home filled with futuristic technology and gadgets.

There are five challenges in all and the first one features the theme of rest. Participants have to come up with an answer to “How could your home ‘learn’ about your energy use in order to create a more restful environmenEON-innovation-motion-sensitive-radiatort?”

One of our biggest challenges here at Chez Green is when we’re chilling out and relaxing downstairs our computers and lights might still be working full time upstairs! As a teenager it was not uncommon for me to leave an electric heater on for the evening in my bedroom while I was downstairs watching TV. Perish the thought now I’m paying the bill!

The best submission from each challenge will win a home energy makeover worth up to £2000 and one of the five winners will have a home energy makeover work £10000 so it’s well worth putting your thinking cap on. Not only that but the top ideas will be taken into production by E.ON, so you really could have a fantastic story to tell your grandchildren one day! Get creative and submit your ideas at EonInnovation before 9th April 2012.

You can follow the conversation over on twitter (@talkingenergy) by following the hashtag #eoninnov.

What about you? What would be top of your wishlist for reducing energy usage while you rest and relax at home?

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