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toiletLast week, Reduced Footprints challenged us to Close the Loop by not only recycling, but buying recycled products.

This is something I’ve been meaning to pay more attention about for ages.

I admit, when it comes to toilet paper, I tend to go for the product I like, rather than its recycled counterpart (having kids kinda changes things ‘down there’ for ever and comfort is paramount!).This week, however, with all eyes on the challenge I found something wonderful in my Health food shop.

Not only did I find ‘Eco Leaf’ 100% recycled paper, but I was delighted to see it came in compostable wrap, rather than polythene.

This means, if the wrapping is as good as it says, I can compost the wrap and the cardboard inner tube afterwards at home; which makes it a truly sustainable product!

After the challenge to stop using Kitchen Towel, I hardly buy any of that. I still have some left from many months ago, but when I need to replace it, I will be looking for the Eco Leaf brand to see if they make kitchen towel as well.

I tend to buy recycled printer paper and notebooks where possible anyway; so that’s most of my paper products accounted for.

Next on my list will be aluminium foil. I don’t buy much, but I do use it in preference to clingfilm and I line a couple of baking sheets with it as well. Unfortunately I’ve never seen that locally, so it means I will need to buy in bulk from a food co-op, which doesn’t really excite me. I use so little of it, it will be hanging around for years.

But as I recycle foil, I need to close the loop, as Reduced Footprints reminds me, so I’ll do what I can.

How about you – do you recycle products and ensure you close the loop by purchasing recycled items?

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