Ways to Make Your Office Space More Sustainable

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how to make your office more sustainable


Having a green office space has a number of benefits. Not only does it protect the environment, but it keeps your staff healthier too. Sustainability is all about meeting our needs in the present without it impacting the people of the future. When you look around your office space, there are probably a lot of wasteful things you are doing. Here are some things you can do to make your space more sustainable.

Let the Light In

Are you maximizing the amount of natural light coming in through the window? Natural light is a free commodity. It means you do not need to turn the lights on, saving you on your electricity bill. Secondly, natural light is a huge mood enhancer for your employees, and it can boost productivity, which is always a bonus. To harness more natural light, ensure you have no objects in the way of windows. If the office space is a little on the dark side, paint the walls a light colour, so it acts to rebound the light. Additionally, mirrors will help this effect. Mirrors also give the impression of more space which can help make things feel less claustrophobic.


Adding a few potted plants to your office space has a range of benefits. They act as a natural air purifier and release more oxygen into the office space. Not only that but they look nice too and can help improve the mood of your staff. Also, think about making a greener outside space. A green area with some wildflowers is great for the bees and offers your staff a pleasant area to sit and relax on their lunch.


You can install low-flush toilet models or ones that offer a half-flush options. This will enable you to save on water. Toilets are a huge contributor to wasting water. You could also ensure that all your taps have a low-flow aerator installed, which will also help you save on water. As time goes on, water is expected to become more scarce, so if you can set the right procedure in place now, you will be helping resolve this issue.

Go Paperless

It may be impossible to go entirely paperless, but you should look to reduce paper use as much as possible. First, look to receive all your bills and letters online, then ensure you are sending out as much paraphernalia to customers using online methods as possible. When handing things out to staff, think about using online forms such a PDFs rather than physical handouts. Also, consider some of the tasks that are conducted every day in your business. Are there any ways to cut out some of the waste or automate things? If you are still using old methods such as pen and paper, it may be worth hiring an IT consultancy firm that can help you automate manual tasks and help you with other system upgrades.


If your business sends products out to customers, why not upgrade your packing to green solutions. Packaging that is recycled or biodegradable is far superior to the plastic and non-biodegradable options. Additionally, this can win favour with customers. When they receive your parcel, and it states that it is green packaging, they will feel better and are more likely to buy from you again. Many people are prepared to vote with their money and are more prepared to spend a little extra on the packaging if they know it is environmentally friendly.

The Daily Commute

It may be an idea to promote a cycle-to-work scheme or have electric car hook-up points in your car park. You could also encourage your staff to car share or use public transport. Anything that tries to reduce polluting traffic on the roads is an ideal solution to this problem. Also, thanks to Covid-19, working from home has become far more manageable, so perhaps you could have a few working from home days for your staff.


If you own the building that your business is housed in, why not invest in solar panels. Not only will this provide you with free electricity, but you may even be able to sell some back to the grid when electricity becomes more scarce.

Use Sustainable Suppliers

When you think about re-ordering your next office supplies list, take a look at the company you are ordering from. Are they sustainable? It may be worth using a green supplier for all your office supplies from paper and pens to your drinking fountain cups. There are now a lot of green office supply companies out there, and it can really help make a difference if all companies order from these suppliers. You could also extend this to the item you buy for the products you make. You may find that the more conscientious customers will already be looking into things like this, and a sustainable supplier will make you a more attractive option for them.

Involve your Staff

Lastly, you could have a few team briefs where you and your staff get together and discuss environmental issues and develop a few ways your company can be more sustainable. The staff know your business very well and may have a few great ideas that you can implement.

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