Mrs Green’s stories

carIt’s time for my roundup of some of the world’s green stories.

Here you’ll find stories about reducing your carbon footprint, conserving water, green technology or natural health.

Sainsbury to open eco friendly store

Recently, Sainsbury’s opened a ‘green’ store in Gloucester. Cars drive over plates in the carpark to generate electricty.

Now they are set to open an environmentally-friendly convenience store in Bath.

Sainsbury reckon they will save 27 tonnes of CO2, over the next 15 years with features such as eco refrigerant systems, LED lighting and overnight ‘power off’ switches.

For the full story read “Sainsbury’s opens first eco convenience store in Bath“.

Free electric car charge points in London

It’s all about Sainsbury this week! Sainsbury’s have fitted 11 of its stores in Central London with charge points for electric cars which will be FREE for their customers to use.

Almost 70 per cent of harmful particulate emissions in London come from road transport, whereas electric cars have zero emissions when being driven.

Sainsbury’s uses electric cars for its own operations, with a fleet of electric vehicles within its online delivery operation in central London.

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Conserving water

Guy Goes Green is a guy who is, well, going green!

Each week, for the next year, his wife will set him a green challenge.

He started with following RSS feeds from green sites, progressed to saying no to junk mail and moved onto water conservation.

After confessing to his readers that he took two baths a day, Guy Goes Green started doing a few calculations to figure out how much water he would save by slashing the number of baths he enjoyed.

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