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I ran a workshop last week about stress and anxiety. We were discussing some of the random things that caused us to tip into overwhelm and I laughingly said it was things like walking down the cleaning aisle of the supermarket and not knowing which product to buy. It wasn’t just about scent or packaging, but I had to figure out which was least harmful to the environment and my family before I even considered everything else!

Some of the participants asked me how long I’d been living a ‘green life’ and when I explained it all started over 20 years ago, many of them were shocked. Yep, I was doing this long before it became mainstream.

And the same can be said of a brilliant supermarket chain called Planet Organic. Way back in 1995, Planet Organic were one of the first shops to be Soil Association certified. That’s pretty impressive, right?

But more than that, I’ve seen many excellent companies come and go over the years. It’s almost like some of them were too early to sustain their business, but Planet Organic have gone from strength to strength. I’ve supported organic farming for as long as I can remember, but I haven’t always understood why. I just had some nebulous idea that organic food was better for me, the planet and the animals. It wasn’t until I watched a movie about soil that things really started to make sense to me. Planet Organic put it so well on their site when they say “Organic agriculture boils down to respecting our soil – the resource we cannot feed ourselves without. The goal of organic agriculture is not to produce more. The goal is to improve soil health, produce more nutritious food, increase biodiversity, protect wildlife and steer clear of the harmful pesticides that undermine these goals.

One of the things I’ve found most difficult about my green lifestyle is finding the products that tick all the boxes. It feels that so many of my purchases are a compromise and I find myself going to one shop for one thing and another for another because there is no one-stop-shop that meets my ever-increasing sustainable needs.

Back to my overhwhelm-in-the-supermarket-aisle then. With Planet Organic it stops. The overwhelm magically melts away, to be replaced by a feeling you’ve landed in amongst people on your wavelength. You’re no longer on the fringe; you belong. And they’ve done all the legwork for you so that every product meets strict criteria for being kind to you, the planet and everyone on it.

You won’t find anything with artificial sweeetners, flavours or colours. There is no GM. Fish are sustainably sourced, dietary needs are taken into account, meat and eggs come from British organic farms, they are consistently re-thinking their packaging to reduce waste and  employees are provided with a safe, fair and supportive place to work – the list goes on and on.

You’ll find everything you need in their stores and online from natural beauty products to cruelty free protein powders! And everything in between.

If you’re inspired to discover more, I have good news. Planet Organic is encouraging us to all make greener choices together this month,by offering you 15% off the entire range. Click here and use the code GREEN15 to get your discount.