What would you do with £40,000?

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What would you do with £40,000?

This question was posed to me the other day.

Now I’m probably a bit ‘boring’ when it comes to spending money. Sure I love a rummage around a charity shop, but that’s not exactly going to eat into £40,000 is it?

While I might be tempted to do something ‘sensible’ like pay off some of the mortgage, there are some ways I would love to spend £40,000 and I’d be heading towards green technology …

Solar LEDs

As you know, we’re currently running some LED lighting from a small solar panel. The first thing I’d do is add extra panels and buy some more LEDs for Mr Green to make his own bulbs. My aim would be to have the entire house lit by solar.

Electric car

Next I’d find my perfect second hand car. It would be electric or hybrid. I wouldn’t buy brand new because I’m all for making my money go further.

Growing soil

Third, I’d hire a JCB and dig out my appalling soil. It’s acid clay and while beautifully fertile, I’ve been working this ground organically for the past 10 years and have little to show for it. I’d dig out the soil and replace it with some beautiful Alan Titchmarsh loam that I could actually plant salad leaves in.


Finally, as you know, the fact I pour 80 litres of water down the drain every time I have a bath is really getting to my conscience. So I’d find a way to harness grey water and use it for flushing the toilets and running the washing machine.


But you know what? I’m a still a girly girl through and through and secretly love nothing better than a splurge on clothes and shoes (even if the majority of them do come from a charity shop). I’ve been amazed recently by how many ‘high street’ shops and online stores sell ranges of organic and fairtrade clothing.

Just this week I’ve spotted several things which would make great wardrobe staples and they are perfect for people without £40,000 to spend!

Annie Greenabelle Spot Wrap Front Playsuit made from Organic fairtrade cotton. It’s reduced to £27.50 and would be ideal for next summer.

This basic fairtrade cotton white vest, because no wardrobe should be without one, is just £6

A gorgeous ‘sweet organic’ t-shirt by Zara ; graphic t-shirts are all the rage and are great for layering.

This fantastic organic cotton denim a-line frill dress from Ted Baker can be dressed up or down and will see you through all seasons.

And just so you don’t feel greedy buying everything for yourself, Top Man are selling organic cotton trainers for the man in your life.

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