Bass Buds Fashion Collection – Review

Mr Green headphones review on noise cancelling earbuds by BassBudsBoth the video and this review will NOT convey to you how superb these bass buds actually sound.

Now, let’s face it, that’s the bit that really matters.

To get that experience, you’re going to have to go and get some now, alternatively, go down to your swanky hi fi shop and ask to test some reference speakers, essentially connected to top level class A digital equipment, oh, yes, in a sound proof anechoic chamber! You think, I exaggerate? maybe a little, but the sound quality and pressures from these little gems are going to astound you. BIG TIME…

Here’s a little example of how words could maybe get the message across a little. We all know that small sounds come from small transducers, right?

Wrong. Fitted correctly and that’s the real secret here, these Bass Buds will give you a vast depth of bass that is smooth, linear, deeply extended, even into the chest cavity, punchy and with fabulous transients.

Be warned, with the right fitting preparation and the volume up these units will pump some extraordinary sound levels into your ears. We know it’s not all bout the bass, but rest assured the middle and upper end sound is just as well defined and linear, giving an overall experience of balance and being immersed in a wonderful musical sound. Ok, that’s the good bit.

The not so good

Funnily enough in the Bass Buds box, I found lots of goodies, including a nice array of alternative sized ear cups to exchange on the aluminium units. Great, we’ll need these.

A posh sales brochure, just in case you want more pairs in every different colour and how to use the inbuilt microphone. Very nice filling. but NOTHING about how to use the Bass buds.

“It’s obvious!” you the hardened ear bud users say. But not so fast, remember the first time you tried ear buds?

Well, I do, I tentatively tucked the small units into the outside of my ear, plugged in some kicking bass and groaned in horror. The sound was pathetic and useless. The sound is all about the way you wear them …

Essential preparation for Bass Buds

So here’s the obvious, restated for the sake of hearing these little beauties in all their glorious magnificence. This bit is really essential before you start listening to music. Bass Buds have to be fitted and tuned to your ear, personally. That means the following:

1- Understanding that they have to make a tight fit between the earcups and your ear canal
2- Loosely fitting, partially inserted ear cups will fail and give you a disappointing experience. Be warned!
3- Knowing that you have to use the largest ear cup to get that tight fit that is both air tight and comfortable.
4- Being aware that one ear maybe a different fit to the other (quite normal for many people)
5- Being prepared to experience total sound, internally in complete isolation.
6- Make sure your ears are clean inside. A clear passage gives a clear sound and is more hygienic.
7- Try out different cups, for each ear, making sure each ear has a tight comfortable fit.

You’ll know when you have found the right ear cups , as they will need slight pushing in the ear canal to achieve the fit and give a slight sensation of pulling when removed. To avoid discomfort, the idea is to push the ear bud sideways a little when inserting and removing, so as to break the air seal. Ok- try out different ear cups with the above tips in mind until you get the best fit. This part is really worth getting right.

Now my friend, you’re ready to plug Bass Buds in to your finest most gorgeous music source and disappear into sound experience that is guaranteed to thrill you. To get you going, pump up the volume and try out Rishi K. – Real time love by ESKADET remix Real time love and listen feel that slide bass at 2m 12s reach your chest cavity. That’s gonna move you like Bose speakers on steroids …

Now why am I reviewing noise canceling earbuds on a green blog? Well, using a smartphone and some of the best headphones
on the market has revolutionised my listening experience in a way that’s better for me AND the environment!

When Mrs Green and I moved in together we had 4 pianos (yes really!) and over 400 cds. You might have guessed by now that music is a big part of our lives. But it comes at a cost with all that plastic and gadgetry. Now I can say no to plastic and download music onto my smartphone for music on the go. And we have a principle here that supports our eco friendly lifestyle which is to buy the best quality you can afford; hence the bassbuds.

It’s far better, in our opinion, to make the right purchase you will keep for many years rather than buy a disappointing item that becomes a disposable commodity.

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