Organic, holistic and healthy beauty products

There are many products on the market offering natural, holistic, healthy, organic toiletries from shampoos to lip balms. Things have come a long way since I was looking for safe products 12 years ago! This week I’m reviewing ‘Made from Earth’ who claim to work with some of the best eco-friendly, environmentaly concious and recognized people in the health and beauty industry when developing their products.

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Mr Green takes to the kitchen!

There’s a man in my kitchen! It’s a pretty rare occurrence to see Mr Green taking to the work surface, but today he’s eager to have a go at making HIS ‘red juice’ for heart month. Take a look at his darling face as he puckers up for some fresh fruit…

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How to clean a juicer

Philips say their Avance juicer takes just ONE MINUTE to clean! Not one to take any claim at face value, I put it to the test. Check out our video and find out for yourself how it works out …

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