Want a Solar powered Motion security light? We’ve found just the thing!

Solar powered Motion security light 1000 lumens

When choosing a solar powered security light, the main problem is choice.

There are too many products on the market all promising great deals and performance.

We recently installed a truly capable and robust security light from DEELAT Industrial Products. Our observations and tests indicate this solar powered outdoor light  by DEELAT is well built, durable and designed to last.

What we like and recommend

1- The solar security light comes in ecological packaging that can easily be recycled or repurposed.

2- A simple to read and understand user manual in English

3- We note that it has an internal rechargable LI battery that can be replaced if and when needed.

4- A solid and well constructed light unit rated at IP 65 (Protected from low pressure water jets from any direction.)

5- A separate solar panel that can be remotely mounted to face the sun.

6- 3.5m. of good quality solar panel to light interconnection cable with water tight connectors.

7- Simple operation; install-turn on- enjoy peace of mind.

8- Minimal setup with easy to use brackets and hardware.

9- Backup battery lasts about 5 nights of occasional 30 second operations

10-The whole unit looks serviceable, including the solar panel that can be replaced if required.

11-High quality monocrystalline Solar panel rated at 17% efficiency.

What we don’t like and could be improved.

1- There are no time-on, lux, or range sensitivity settings. Set and forget is great unless you want to fine tune.

2- The solar panel has a metal ‘u’ shaped mounting bracket that is thin enough to bend in strong winds

3- The led light has a range of about 100 yards. There is no brightness adjustment, so neighbours might be affected. 

How it works

The separate solar panel converts energy from the sun to low power electricity to charge the internal battery during daylight hours. At night (<10 lux) the lighting component runs constantly at a very low, dim setting, but turns to full power when activated by motion within a 3-5m range. The unit has an 11-hour charging time by bright sunlight and has 3 lighting modes: off during daylight, dim at night, and bright for 30 seconds when motion is detected.


The light is used as a security measure on your home or business, activating when the unit detects motion. It also serves more personal uses, such as going out to lock your cars in the driveway at night time. It can be easily mounted on a building wall, pole, or even installed on a RV, but we would recommend better solar panel mounting for this application.


The light is very powerful, 1000 lumens is the equivalent of a 75W incandescent light bulb, but it also has reflectors behind each of the 44 LEDs so the light directs and disperses well over a long and wide distance. Mounted correctly at a decent height, this will easily illuminate an area 100 yards square. As a security deterrent this is excellent, but we would have liked some output adjustment on the light brightness and also the sensitivity of the PIR. Many of these PIR sensors activate on windy nights simply by leaf and tree movement. Or in our case, by the cat! We can’t comment on this yet, but this would be a problem without sensitivity adjustments.


As a security light, we cannot fault this unit. It is bright, powerful at motion setting and dim enough to provide enough light as a deterrent when inactive. The build quality is definitely superior to many other units we have installed and tested, with industrial quality materials that we estimate will resist  water ingress and extreme temperatures.  We are not so sure about the solar panel bracket, but this depends on your  location. A sheltered area will be fine, but strong winds may cause alignment problems. Lack of controls is a mixed blessing. You can’t adjust anything and that is limiting, but on the plus side there is little chance of corrosion or dust entering the unit as there are fewer holes and control seals to break down.

We love this unit and happily give it a high rating and our recommendation. Pay a bit more and get the quality you deserve. After all, if this is part of your security strategy, you need something functional and reliable to protect your assets.

Technical Details

Size: 11×24.5×12.2 cm
Materials: Aluminium alloy toughed glass
Solar panel: Monocrystalline Silicon , 17 % efficiency
LED Lumens: 10W (1000 lumens)
Solar Charging time: 11 hours by bright sunlight
Lighting time: more than 5 nights
Lighting Mode: Dark / Dim / Bright


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