Mr Green takes to the kitchen!

mrgreenI have to admit, we’re quite ‘traditional’ when it comes to male /female roles here at Chez Green.

Mr Green chops and gathers wood, I prepare feasts in the kitchen.

Mind you, having said that he does put out the laundry, clean the toilet, wash up, clean the cooker and change the bed. I got to hand it to him; I pretty much live in luxury.

But the kitchen is MY domain. He can just about manage beans on toast or a tin of soup. Anything that requires peeling, chopping or mixing is is left to me.

I have been kind however, and let him into the kitchen to try out our new Philips Avance juicer. After all it falls into the remit of ‘gadget’ doesn’t it, so it’s manly I guess…

As part of his heart month commitment, Mr Green has committed to a week of raw food eating. Brrrrr, rather him than me I can tell you, it’s snowing as I type.

Starting the day with a freshly prepared juice is just the thing to keep him in optimum condition and so this week I treated him to some very out-of-season cherries. See that’s love for you. Cherries are one of his favourite fruits, but he seldom buys them because he can’t be bothered to sort out the stones! (Never mind, I don’t much like sorting out a dirty toilet, so I guess we’re quits).

Take a look at his video to see what else went into his culinary delight and watch his darling face; he’s like a man who has tasted something heavenly…

Our thanks go to Abel and Cole for providing us with a rich delight of organic fruits and vegetables throughout heart month. Yummy!


  1. Joxy on February 19, 2012 at 12:29 pm

    You know, in all the juicing I’ve done and do, I have not made a pure berry juice. I tend to always use apple and then add other fruits and vegs to that. I shall have to try this, looked delicious. And isn’t amazing just how much juice you can get from a few berries!

    Oooh as he’s on a raw week, tell him about the hot toddy; it’s juicing 2 apples, adding some hot (not boiling) water and a pinch of cinnamon. It’s reminiscent of apple pie! And very welcome when having a raw only week – especially when it’s snowing!

    ***whispher** Remind Mr G to use speed 1 when juicing soft fruits/berries, it should extract even more juice that way 😉

  2. Mrs Green on February 26, 2012 at 8:49 am

    @Joxy: Morning Joxy! This morning I’m going to be using a couple of pineapples; I’ve been looking through some books and found some great sounding recipes. I hope you’ve enjoyed some berry juices by now! And thanks for the raw recipe 😉 (and the reminder about the speed of juicing LOL!)