Cellink U Drive power backup and more


The Cellink U supports cell/smart phones and other micro-USB products as GPS, Bluetooth, MP3 etc.

1. Portable backup battery
2. USB charger
3. Data sync cable and media transfer
4. Micro SD/SDHC memory card storage

The Cellink U provides the patented functions specifically for micro-USB charge devices. With a rechargeable battery capacity of 600 mAh the Cellink U will provide a battery boost of over 40%.

The Cellink U with the micro-USB charger will supply needed power to most all micro-USB devices which include GPS, Bluetooth devices, Cameras and more.

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Damm, my battery just died! (again)

Despite our best attempts to make sure that cell phone battery is well charged, it happens to all of us, we get caught out. Modern cell phones are more like mini computers and eat through battery power at a crazy rate. One or two extra long calls or some web surfing and that battery won’t make it to the next scheduled charge time.

What do we do?

Battery technology is not keeping up with gadget power, so we need some good backup strategy to keep the circuits alive. USBCell Drive is one company that know this problem well and has provided some great emergency battery back-up solutions. Over the last few weeks I’ve been testing two Cell Drive Multi-Functional Power and Syncing Devices. Both are about the size of a cigarette lighter and about the same weight. That means these tiny power units will sit comfortably in your pocket or bag waiting to give you a power boost just when you really need it. These power packs are a real lifeline, but you need to remember they are there. Being so small and lightweight means you’ll hardly notice them.

Do they really work?

Yes, they really do! Here’s a real life example.

I just bought a Samsung S2 over Christmas. Great phone, but that bright screen and dual core processor ate the battery in less than 12 hours before I got the power saving features in place. I’d been texting and emailing friends, you know… boasting about the new phone and then a call came in on the handset late in the evening. The phone was on 10% battery, but as soon as the call started it began to drop really fast.

I already had a charged cellink U in my pocket, so this was the perfect situation to get the power back on.

Cellink U to the rescue

This device is a cinch to use. It comes with a built in USB plug one end to charge and connect with my computer and a micro-USB the other end that plugs directly into the SGS2 charging socket. No wires, no fiddling, no switches to operate, no time wasted. A second to flip out of the protective case and another second to plug-in. YES! the phone connected straight away and began charging the almost flat battery.

I managed to continue my call without the embarrassment of the new phone dying on me. That’s bad street cred for a new phone! Leaving the Cellink U in place to see how much extra power I could get took my phone back to 23%. That’s pretty good for a 600mAh backup battery. I could easily allow only emergency calls and get a few more hours left before needing to charge again.

The Cellink U has three tiny LEDs that register the state of the internal battery so you know just how much juice is left when you plug it into either your charge USB port or your mobile phone. The Battery is 3.7V Li-Ion-Polymer type that will provide several charges and hold power for long unused periods.

Power, plus data Transfer.

The Cellink U has another 2 tricks up its sleeve, or should I say in that tiny compact frame. How many times have you lost that cell phone to USB 2 transfer/power lead? and yes they are fiddly and always get tangled in your pocket or bag. If you have a Cellink U drive, just forget it! This device connects directly to your micro-USB phone outlet and then to your computer USB2 allowing not just synchronised charging of both back up battery and phone, but also both way data transfer! Because there is no flexible lead, you have to be careful not to jangle the devices, but it’s a perfect solution.

Data backup also

Ah, yeah, did I mention the other feature? Get a spare micro-sd card and the Cllink U drive has a tiny slot where you can insert the sd-card and use it as a card reader and remote data storage device. Most Android phones allow you to browse external connected drives and transfer data both ways. Now you can run out of power and data storage and this little lovely will come to the rescue. How much better does it get?

The Cellink U drive is one of the best 4-in-1 accessories for any cell phone or mobile device with a micro USB charge port. It excels in bringing backup power, data connectivity and storage, plus a card reader all into one tiny compact unit that works independently of wires and replacement batteries. If you don’t get one of these, Murphy’s law says one day, you’re going to wish you had!

Any problems?

In the time I’ve been using this device, I’ve not seen any serious problems with the way it works. If I was picky, I would complain that the oblong slip over protective case is difficult to remove, unless you grip the drive in just the right places. And that you must not allow your fingers to overlap the case, or you risk catching them with the USB connections when the drive snaps out of the case. Or that the case is just a little too hard-edged in the pocket. Yep, I said it would be picky, but Cell Drive seem to be aware of these things and have given their other model ‘Cell CD Drive’ a much more ergonomic design.

Overall, this is Highly recommended. In my next review, I’ll be looking at the Cell CD Drive. It’s another type of Multi-Functional Power and media Syncing device, with a few unique differences, including that ‘ergonomic feel’ . Stay Tuned…


Cellink U is highlighted in red

Specification Cell Drive 4 GB Cell Drive 8 GB Cellink ET Cellink I Cellink U
Devices mini/micro USB iPhone/iPod (includes adapters) mini/micro USB iPhone/iPod (includes adapters) Micro USB iPhone/iPod Micro USB
Li-Poly Battery Capacity 430mAh/3.7V 430mAh/3.7V 220mAh/3.7V 600mAh/3.7V 600mAh/3.7V
Memory Capacity 4 GB 8 GB micro SD/SDHC card micro SD/SDHC card micro SD/SDHC card
Size mm (W x L x H) 29x81x15 29x81x15 38x38x12 29x75x15 29x75x15
Charge Current/Voltage 500mA/5V 500mA/5V 500mA/5V 500mA/5V 500mA/5V
Transfer Rate 23MB(r)/12MB(w) 20MB(r)/8MB(w) 20MB(r)/8MB(w) 20MB(r)/8MB(w) 20MB(r)/8MB(w)
MSRP $59.95 $69.95 $39.95 $54.95 $54.95