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earth pathways calendar and dairy covers 2023


I love to support small, independent and ethical businesses. But finding companies that stand the test of time is a rare thing. Many of them don’t make it long term – demand isn’t high enough in a noisy marketplace, large companies ( we won’t name them, but you know the ones I mean), allow mass produced crap to flood into the market, luring many consumers on price and instant-hit factor, or well-meaning people simply don’t understand the relentless energy and commitment you need to sustain in order to make things work. (Or can stand the hair tearing aspect of building and maintaining a website!)

However, there are a handful or companies that stand out to me and these often slip beneath the radar.

They can’t – or won’t – invest in big marketing campaigns, and they put their energy into making a difference, rather than shouting about what they do. They are the true way-showers, the passionate creatives, the pioneers who can more about environment than ego, care more about people than praise and care more about animals than accolades.

Small Steps Add Up To Significant Change

But it can be tiring. And lonely. And sometimes you wake up in the morning, witnessing the world line up for it’s latest iPhone, wondering how much impact you can have as a small voice in a very loud consumer society.

The thing is – as I tell my clients who are worrying about the state of the world – it takes all of us making our small steps to add up to collective change. Yes, a tick in the box by the government could change things overnight, but until political will catches up, we need to just go out there and do something. The antidote to anxiety and overwhelm is to take action.

No matter how small.

You Are Powerful

So I’m not suggesting you set up an ethical company any time soon, but you are more powerful than you think. Because every time you spend money you are making a vote.

Which means from this moment on you can make a difference with the next thing you buy.

Ask yourself…

What are you saying yes to?

Are you saying yes to deforestation, polluters and sweatshops or yes to a stay-at-home mum, a neuro diverse artist or a co-operative with earth friendly principles?

Earth Pathways

One of the companies I want to highlight today is Earth Pathways.

The team behind the Earth Pathways diary and calendar are celebrating 15 years of sharing their love for the planet. They support artists and writers who have a vision for a positive and appreciative way of living in harmony with the earth. Their exquisite products share the essence of what it means to take responsibility for our Mother. They capture how blessed we are to live on this amazing living, breathing, generous planet and remind us to keep awe and reverence as our guiding star. For too long we’ve taken the earth for granted and tried to dominate her. It’s time to remember our roots, to live in harmony ,to switch our thinking from ‘what’s in it for me?’ to ‘what can I do to serve?’

earth pathways diary sample 2023

Rhythms of Life

For me, the icing on the cake with their diary is the lunar information. In a frantic, frenetic world, I’m finding it increasingly important to connect in with those things that ground me and invite me to step into the rhythm of life. For within those rhythms, the nervous system can down-regulate and find safety and calm. We are hard-wired for rhythmical movements; it’s an inbuilt instinct to rock ourselves and others when distressed. The moon has an influence on the bodies of water on this planet and, as you are 75% water, you are not immune from this influence!

The team at Earth Pathways care deeply. That’s clear in the way they run their co-operative, with everything from the type of paper used for their products, the vegetable inks they use, to seed-funding projects that help the earth, to planting trees, you can be sure that when you support them, you are making a difference. You’re making a difference to them, to the environment and to your own relationship with the earth.

As we’re coming up to Christmas, why not buy calendars, diaries or journals for the people you care about in your life? It could be that first step you take towards making a positive change in the world.

Nobody can do everything.

Everybody can do something.

Together we can do anything.


earth pathways calendar sample 2023

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