Are these drinking glasses too good to be true?

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall insulated glassesIt’s been a long week with soaring temperatures here at Chez Green and I’ve been testing these fun-looking double wall glasses from Ozeri.

The idea is your hands are kept comfortable from drinks that are either too hot or too cold, plus you don’t get any condensation which can risk the glass slipping from your hands.

These are certainly beautiful looking glasses and have proved a talking point whenever we’ve given them to guests to drink out of.

Although quite pricey, these glasses promise you lifetime use. They boast durable, heat resistant, mouth-blown borosilicate glass of the finest quality which is stronger than common glass and shatter-resistant.

Sounds perfect!

And we loved them…

The Good

They score 100% on keeping your hands cool and NOT creating condensation. They look fantastic and have a lovely, robust feel to them.

As a green family, it’s important to me that we make good purchases that will last a long time; it’s part of being a good custodian of our ‘stuff’ and not buying into the disposable culture. I’m happy to vote with my money and buy a more expensive product that is well made. At £19 for two glasses the price made me take an intake of breath, but I was happy to try them out.

The bad

The design of these glasses means they are not particularly stable. The base is thinner than the top so they are technically very easy to knock over.

In all honesty I’m concerned about the fact the glass doesn’t feel hot. If you think about it, the fact your mug of tea is hot means you are cautious when sipping it. I can see someone in a rush grabbing a hot drink in one of these and forgetting, then scalding their mouth.

Putting those concerns aside, we enjoyed using them a few times until…

The Ugly

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall 12 oz insulated Glasses


This is a complete mystery to us. We’re not the sort of family who drop things or who are careless with knocks. Our daughter is now 12 and she knows how to handle fragile objects.

Of course we have our minor accidents, but none of us can shed any light on what has happened.

This glass was used for one herbal tea (hot water) and about six juices; a couple from the fridge and the others at room temperature. So it’s not like it has been overused or subjected to extremes of temperature.

We wash by hand and carefully dry up after washing.

Mr Green washed this up as usual, went to pick it up to dry and it literally fell apart in his hand.

Thankfully the design of the glass means there were no sharp pieces, and, true to its word, the glass didn’t shatter. This is good to take into account if you have small children in the house.

Ozeri Serafino Double Wall 12 oz insulated Beverage & Coffee Glasses

But in all honesty, I have some bog standard 99p glasses at home that I’ve had for about 8 years without a chip or scratch on them!


I’m disappointed by the longevity, or rather, lack of, with this particular glass and I’m not confident I would recommend them.

I’m assuming this is an unfortunate one-off manufacturing fault as Ozeri are adamant about their quality and many reviews on Amazon are favourable.

What about you – have you tried these glasses yourself?

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of 2 Ozeri Serafino Double Wall 12oz insulated glasses in exchange for this review.