Mr Green gets down and dirty with #BassBoomz

bassboomz-portable-bluetooth-speakerI really have better things to do right now than write this review, BUT I gotta tell ya, I’m listening to something so amazing that I can’t stop myself telling you about it …

We just received a tiny little cylinder thingy called ‘BassBoomz’ It cute, shiny, purple and fits easily in the palm of my hand, weight of an orange, nothing much really.

Here’s what you do; Put it on a table, cue up some pumping techno bass chill music, you know, something that hackles your neck hairs. Connect it by bluetooth to any player, turn it on. Now take a deep breath and think of all the great superlatives you know; you’re going to need them!

You see, what happens next is something quite extraordinary that at first seems to defy normal physics. I’m sitting here with this little thing pumping out the most unbelievable sound you ever heard. I swear, if you scaled this thing up to a full size floor standing speakers, it would shatter windows, wreck the house and incite an immediate rave party – all in 30 seconds flat.

WTF am I on about you ask? It’s called BassBoomz the latest generation portable powered wireless speaker to urm… extend your tinny smartphone sound experience. That it does in the most impressive way possible. The device is basically a miniature finely acoustically engineered full range speaker with built in rechargeable bluetooth receiver and amplifier.

That’s just the beginning of the sound experience though. There are limits to how much deep powerful bass you can produce with such a small unit. I mean the speaker is no more than 2 inches in diameter, albeit with some hefty coil and magnet strapped into the drive unit. Where the magic begins is when you place this unit on a flat resonant surface like a table top, kitchen worktop or cupboard surface. The speaker is omnidirectional upward facing and cleverly constructed to reproduce really low bass frequencies that transmit vertically down onto the resonant surface it stands on. You have to hear it, or should I say FEEL IT to believe it. My table is wooden, 5 X 3Ft and just my computer on it next to the bass boomz. The sound is crystal clear with extreme upper end clarity, smooth middles great transients and deep deep bass that I can actually feel. I’m not kidding this device rocks with such clean powerful low bass that scientifically should not be coming from something so small as this !

Ok, you get the deal, except, your saying ‘there’s got to be a catch’ Well, let’s get down and dirty. The sound levels although extraordinary for the size of the unit are not club level, ya know. Another thing, this little thing needs to be a tad heavier to keep it from taking off when that bass line punches those lo-bose notes. No, I’m not talking about the speaker distorting, all the frequencies are handled perfectly from from sustained low electro-base to the punch of a kick drum. It’s just that when at high volumes (and you’re gonna want them) the vibes are so powerful it literally walks away to the beat. Here’s my tip; Put a small cloth under the rubber feet and you get more sonic stability without vibration noise. It may bounce and rock, but that sound will be oh so sweet and satisfying.

Oh, yeah, the other badz thing. It’s only a mono speaker. If only there were two of these little beasts, you would get twice the bass resonance, large spatial stereo effects and greater subjective volume. Maybe they’re afraid of some real structural damage to your furniture if these puppies breed in stereo! My hand’s up, I’m brave, I want that stereo version!

Quality of bass sound is dependant on the resonant surface you place the BassBoomz on. Experiment, get it right, cue up some techno house, invite your mates round and prepare to catch their eyeballs when they pop on hearing this genuinely incredible device. Keep an eye on it tho, everyone is gonna want it. The best way to experience this is to all sit round a big table with BassBoomz in the middle, you will actually feel the power of the sound resonate through your elbows as you lean forward wiping your disbelieving blurry eyes thinking ‘what the hell, this must be alien technology’.

And now, because I was told to by Mrs Green, I need to get back on topic and tell you how BassBoomz helps you go greener!

Only buy once

We live in a disposable culture with in-built obsolescence, so when we decide to buy something new here at Chez Green, we spend a long time researching. We read independent reviews, look at the projected longevity of the item and ask ourselves if we’re really going to use it long term. The BassBoomz is built to last and the sound is so superb we won’t be WEEing it any time soon!

The company strive to create the highest quality, high performance products designed to compete and exceed other major established brands. They take great pride in researching the latest in high end sound technology and producing items that are engineered to perfection. This means, they’re not just for Christmas, right? A quality product that delivers what you want is something you’ll hang onto for a long time. Mrs G and I are music connoisseurs; aka fussy and demanding. The bassboomz doesn’t let itself down.

One size fits all

I’m currently using the BassBoomz with my smartphone. This means I only have ONE gadget for all my technology needs. My smartphone is a computer where I can receive and send emails. It’s an entertainment centre where I can play music and watch videos. I can see full length documentaries if I wish. My smartphone is my camera, my PDA , my book readers and my weather station all rolled into one. This reduces resources and reduces the space needed to store things.

Digital technology

By using a smartphone, ipods and book readers we reduce the need for ‘stuff’. I can hold my entire book collection, music collection and even video collection on one small, portable device. This means I could downshift to a tiny space (don’t tell Mrs G I said that!).

£30 discount for you!

Are you ready to own your own bassboomz? Good! We have just the thing for you – because we’ve secured you a £30.00 discount, so the BassBoomz will cost £49.99 instead of the current retail price at £79.95

Too good to be true, I’m telling ya…

Simply copy and paste BBZ304610 into the voucher code box over on their site.