Come and see inside the box!

As part of ‘Heart Month’ Abel and Cole have generously offered us one of their fruit and veg boxes every week for a month! If you’ve never seen inside an organic veg box scheme box then now is your chance as I unveil it on camera!

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Experiments in mutton

Having never eaten mutton before, we were sent a box to try by the Blackface meat company. They rear Blackface sheep and Galloway cattle in the South West of Scotland as nature intended. This post includes two recipes including an intriguing one which uses hay as an ingredient!

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Review of Solarpod by Thousandsuns

Solarpod by thousandsuns™ is a portable solar generator, designed to be able to provide energy self sufficiency in areas where there is either an unreliable or a non-existent grid network. Costing £850 for the Solarpod generator and foldable solar panel, we’ve tried it for three weeks and here is our verdict.

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