Come and see inside the box!

abel-and-cole-vegetable-boxI’m not particularly materialistic as you might have guessed, but getting hold of great tasting food I can trust – now there’s something that gets me excited.

I don’t know about you, but we prioritise good quality food at home. I’ll spend money on food rather than ‘things’ or experiences because taking care of mine and my family’s health is number one for me.

In fact, when you think about it, taking care of your health is a pretty green thing to do. If I get a chill I usually need the heating on, I might end up feeding the family on convenient ‘junk’ food, I use the car because I don’t have the energy to walk, I have more baths to try and get comfortable – the list goes on.

For people who rely on doctors who knows what the environmental impact of taking medication might be – there’s the extraction and manufacture of the medicines, packaging, treating it once you pee it into the water system…

Anyway, I digress; as you know this month we’re celebrating Heart Month. We’ve shared all about our Philips juicer, we’ve had some fantastic guest writers who have told us about their goals and accomplishments and this week Abel and Cole made my day!

I’d had a busy morning and was wondering what to make for lunch when my Abel and Cole delivery arrived. Abel and Cole have been delivering organic boxes of fruit and vegetables to households for over 20 years. They work directly with farmers and other food producers, have a fantastic recipes database on their site and reckon that by getting your food delivered to your door you can save money. What’s not to love?

Have you ever seen inside one of their delicious boxes? Click on the video above to see one unpacked in all its glory! The gorgeous Abel and Cole team appreciate good food and how it impacts your health too, so they’ve generously sponsored us with their overflowing boxes for a month. I feel very abundant!