The best natural hair conditioner in the world; ever!

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biorganics-natural-shampoo-organic“Don’t ever stop buying this conditioner; it’s the only one that works!”

Those were the words of Little Miss Green the other week as she teased out the last drop of conditioner from the bottle.

And she’s right.

LMG has a mane, it’s as wild and untamed as she is. You only have to look at it and it knots itself up. She’s actually broken the teeth of her combs trying to untangle it in the past.

My hair, on the other hand, is a bit of a dark horse. It looks thick, but is actually lots of fine hair. It tangles pretty easily too but it gets weighed down by every conditioner I have ever used and ends up looking lank.

Except for this one:


BiOrganics Remoist.

It’s simply amazing, so I was really excited when Alan sent me a bottle of their ‘Isobath’ nutritional balancing shampoo to try.

I don’t mind admitting I’m a fussy old bird when it comes to beauty products. I use so few that I demand perfection in the ones I choose to buy. Combine that with a very strong sense of smell that is easily offended and I’m not exactly your average customer…

I’m thrilled to report that Isobath does not fail to please. The smell is divine; it’s peppermint and fresh. It doesn’t lather too much and I only need to use and rinse once. Most other shampoos I make two applications of. This one made my hair squeaky clean after just one application; which I was a bit wary of, but it wasn’t drying in the least.

The most amazing thing was that my hair didn’t feel knotty after shampooing which is usually the case.


But that’s not all, Alan sent me a sample of a brand new, as yet, unavailable product. It was his ‘Salon Secret Elixir’ perfecting hair oil. Designed to banish fizz and brittle ends, it’s enriched with argan oil and ylang ylang. Now I don’t really need anything like this, and I’m pretty sure it would weigh my hair down, but Little Miss Green is the perfect candidate. You apply to towel dried hair, comb it through the ends and style as usual.

She couldn’t wait to try it out and was delighted with the results. Super shiny, sleek hair that any ten year old princess could be proud of. I think it’s a winner and people with curly or frizzy hair would benefit from it. She went off to school that morning looking like she could give Kate Middleton a run for her money 😉

The entire product range is BUAV bunny friendly too – what’s not to love!

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