A Baby Wipe That Ticks All The Boxes!

aqua wipes biodegradable plastic free wipes

  When I was pregnant with my daughter, there were very few choices for natural products. There weren’t any wipes that were free from toxic chemicals, so we had to resort to a flannel and some sesame oil and witch hazel for cleaning her. Thankfully, things have moved on. Many people are now aware that…

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Why you Should Use Plastic Free, Natural Menstrual Products

natural organic menstrual products

Around 17 years ago, I switched to washable sanitary towels. And I haven’t looked back. I’ve found them far more comfortable than the disposable kind, they save me money and they are better for the environment. Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues with conventional products and find out what we can…

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Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

eco friendly beauty

  With the buzz words of the moment being green, sustainable and eco-friendly, these concepts have permeated across every aspect of our lives. From our smarter and greener homes to our more environmentally friendly cars with their electric engines rather than fume emitting exhausts, our way of living is moving towards something more sustainable. As…

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Let Your Skin Breathe And Be More Natural

natural glowing skin

There are thousands of products for healthy skin, however not all of them are designed to support how your skin naturally functions. Many products have so many chemicals you probably can’t even pronounce them! While some of these chemicals are harmless, many are toxic too and can cause damage to you and the environment. You…

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Using aromatherapy for anti ageing


While I’m happy to grow old disgracefully, I still like to maintain the health of my skin. With so many products out there promising to turn back the clock, you only have to read the label to discover some of the unpronounceable ingredients you don’t want to put on your skin!

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Three natural ways to cure cracked and dry lips

three ways to keep your lips soft and healthy this winter

Autumn is a beautiful time of year but it can wreck havoc with our skin, hair and lips. It’s not uncommon to end up with cracked, dry lips in autumn when the wind is blowing outside and we assault our bodies with the drying effects of central heating.

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