Natural, cruelty free, plastic free skin serums from the Pro Co.

pro co natural vegan skin serums


When autumn arrives, I notice a difference in my skin. It becomes dryer and more sensitive – due to the wind and cold air outside and heating indoors. It’s not that we have central heating, but even the heat from our woodburner dries the air out; which can take its toll.

Since my early twenties, I’ve kept my skin care regime to a minimum. And I still believe that less is more – especially when it comes to the ingredients we slather on our skin. Did you know that up to 60% of what you put on your skin can be absorbed?

I’m always on the look out for simple, clean products that are functional, with minimum impact on the environment. And this is where The Pro Co come in!

pro co eye rescue serum

They’ve developed a range of products for skin and hair, backed by science with proven ingredients. Their ingredients list is sourced from only plants and minerals as well as safe synthetic ingredients. Better than that, their products are cruelty free and I’m especially excited about the packaging which the company are aiming to be completely plastic free. At the moment, 98% of their packaging is plastic free, and the small amount they use is fully recyclable. Plastic and waste is something I’m particularly passionate about. I don’t demonise plastic – it’s a useful and necessary material for some uses after all, but the over use and excessive use is undoubtedly causing problems in the environment at large. And the beauty industry is particularity heavy on plastics for packaging.

pro co retinol serum

I’ve been trying out The Pro Co’s vegan serums, with surprising results. I admit I’m new to serums and I’ve been wondering whether they are just hype, so I jumped on the chance to try these. Especially at their price point. Most other brands I’ve looked at charge a lot of money, but these come in at £7.99 which makes them very affordable.

You use a serum after cleansing, but before moisturising. Serums are made up of smaller molecules than moisturisers, so they penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients. In fact you only need one or two drops! This makes them ideal for targetting specific skincare concerns, very economical to use and prepares the skin with the perfect base for your moisturiser.

pro co vit c serum vegan and plastic free

I’ve been using Vitamin C serum which evens out skin tone, and Eye Rescue serum – which contains seaweed to boost circulation, soothe irritation, as well as reduce puffiness – in the morning (it might just be your saviour in the upcoming party season!) and Retinol serum at night time. The retinol serum helps speed up the skin’s cell cycle and is therefore anti ageing. My skin is lapping up these serums; I was expecting them to sit on the skin like an oil does, but these just disappear and I’m sure I can hear my skin drinking thirstily! I’ve also found that my moisturiser seems to glide on more easily. I’m not sure if this is co-incidence, but it’s certainly been my experience. It’s early days to tell if there will be significant improvement in the overall condition of my skin, but it’s looking favourable.

These serums are ideal for a natural beauty-loving friend who is passionate about animals and the environment. So often you need to compromise on one of those criteria, but the Pro Co products tick all the boxes.

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