Go Green With Your Beauty Routine

eco friendly beauty


With the buzz words of the moment being green, sustainable and eco-friendly, these concepts have permeated across every aspect of our lives. From our smarter and greener homes to our more environmentally friendly cars with their electric engines rather than fume emitting exhausts, our way of living is moving towards something more sustainable.

As the generation that needs to take action to help the planet survive, we need to be active in our approaches to combat climate change, lower meat consumption, and preserve our green spaces for our children and grandchildren.

When we consider our beauty regime, the chances are we don’t think about saving the planet. However, along with other aspects of our life, the beauty products, routine, and the way you shop will have a massive impact on your environmental footprint. Take a look at these ways you can go green with your beauty routine.

Take An Interest In What You Are Using

Don’t just look for the best color for your lips or the exfoliant that cleans your skin the best. These lipsticks and cleansers could contain harmful substances for fish in our oceans. While you might not be dumping your plastic bottles into the sea, shipping containers that run aground with these items can damage the ocean-bearing ecosystem. There have been many media reports of harmful exfoliating balls washing up on shores alongside dead fish and sea life.

Most consumers now hate the thought of their makeup being testing on primates or pigs, and will go out of their way to look for labels that state that products have not been tested on animals. PETA’s cruelty-free stamp is a good logo to look for. Think about opting for the ultimate eco-friendly item and check out the latest vegan friendly soap that contains no animal by-products and uses only sustainable natural resources in its manufacturing.

Be Mindful

While you might fancy a new mascara, have you finished your current one? Are you one of those individual’s who buys way more than they ever use, so products are left to languish in your drawers? Having never seen the light of day and going well past their use by date could mean that you have to dispose of unused and perfectly good beauty products. This wasteful attitude is detrimental to the environment. Instead, be more mindful in how you use your beauty products. Finish every last drop of your cleanser and foundation.

When you have empty containers, think about how you can recycle them. This could be to refill with more of your favorite beauty products or it could be for something totally different. Rather than putting them in a recycle bin, why not utilize them for stationary in the study, knick-knacks in the garden, craft storage, or to use when traveling overseas.

Give Old Products Away

If you have finished with a foundation because it no longer suits your skin tone, or you have found a better moisturizer for your skin type, think about donating old products. You don’t have to chuck them in a landfill. There are many local community projects that work in the same way as a food bank. For those women less fortunate than you who cannot afford decent beauty products, a donation bank is a Godsend. Think about donating your unwanted beauty products that can still be used.

Packaging Is Key

If you are eager to do your bit for the planet, think about the packaging as well as the product. Plastic can be a pain to recycle and some products are over-packaged with needless materials. Go for those items that are packaged using easy-to-recycle cardboard, glass or aluminium. You can even find shops that sell soaps and bath bombs loose, meaning that you can forego the unwanted packaging altogether. This is perfect if you prefer to shop light.

Going green when thinking about your beauty routine needn’t be difficult. Follow this guide and you can do your bit for the environment while cleansing, moisturizing, and exfoliating.