Let Your Skin Breathe And Be More Natural

There are thousands of products for healthy skin, however not all of them are designed to support how your skin naturally functions. Many products have so many chemicals you probably can’t even pronounce them! While some of these chemicals are harmless, many are toxic too and can cause damage to you and the environment.

You wouldn’t knowingly eat toxic or harmful food, so why would you put them on your skin? There’s better ways of looking radiant and here are three ideas.

Chiselled cheeks

If you’re paranoid about chubby cheeks and  lack of definition, a good face yoga routine can help. Every day and night, you perform a 15-minute routine that slowly but surely improves the texture of your skin, irons out fine lines and increases definition. Some people find that doing face yoga routines in the shower with hot water is best.

A smoother surface

Many teens begin using skin care products when they start suffering with acne. Fortunately most cases of acne clear up by the time you’re twenty, but some people continue to have adult acne. Instead of using toxic chemicals on your already-inflammed skin, Colloidal Earth liquid minerals can clear up outbreaks. The spray is meant for natural healing and uses trace amounts of silver. If you would rather not use chemical based products then you might find this kind of silver spay to be more to your liking.

A gentle scrub

It feels lovely to exfoliate the skin, it’s pampering and leaves your face feeling clean and soft.  A lemon and ginger face scrub can be made at home and kept in the fridge. The lemon’s acid will wipe away dirt and the ginger acts like a gentle exfoliator while also hydrating the new skin underneath.