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When I was pregnant with my daughter, there were very few choices for natural products. There weren’t any wipes that were free from toxic chemicals, so we had to resort to a flannel and some sesame oil and witch hazel for cleaning her.

Thankfully, things have moved on. Many people are now aware that a large percentage of what you put on your skin, gets into your bloodstream. So we have to be careful what products we use, especially on a young baby or child. And the demand for natural products is increasing.

Add to that the realisation that our current level of consumerism is contributing to devastating impact on the environment, there is also an increased demand for products that are earth friendly.

There have been several campaigns recently about the use of wipes and how flushing them into the sewers is wrecking havoc. Fat bergs are developing, which is a combination of oily products poured down the sink and wipes. They kind of adhere themselves together, and create a massive rock-like structure, which then cause blockages and has to be taken apart. Not the most pleasant, or easy, of tasks!

While it would be nice to think we could all switch to reusable cloth, that isn’t always practical. Especially when out and about. And let’s face it, wipes are extremely convenient and easy to use. It’s not a habit many of us want to give up any time soon.

Fortunately there is a company who are addressing both the issues of toxic chemicals on the skin, and the environment. Aqua wipes have a brilliantly thought out range of products. The wipes are made with purified water and aloe vera to soften the skin.


aqua wipes biodegradable baby wipes


They also contain a coconut derived surfactant for mild cleansing ability. But the most exciting part, is that these are easily biodegradable wipes. You can add them to your own compost bin at home. And in perfect conditions, these can breakdown in as little as 15 days. Isn’t that amazing?!

I’ve tried them myself. I have sensitive skin, and they’ve been amazing in the recent heat wave, to freshen up my hands and face. I now keep a pack in the car, so that I’ve always got them handy. They are ideal if your young child suffers from conditions like eczema or sensitive skin, and brilliant for babies delicate skin, where are you don’t want to upset the balance of the pH.

It’s so refreshing to find a product that is not heavily scented. The smell of some baby products, can turn my stomach. And it’s always concerning to me, to think what we are inhaling, and applying to the skin. Bearing in mind, the ease with which some chemicals can travel through the skin and into the body. Nothing beats the smell of a babies skin without any products on it!

It’s so good to find a brand that makes products which not only good for the environment and your health, but actually work. Too often we have to compromise on one or the other, but Aqua Wipes are ticking all the boxes for me.

And there are some exciting developments for the brand this month. Along with the launch of their rebrand, and improved recyclable packaging, Aqua Wipes are now offering a subscription service direct from their site. Not only that, but every sale donates to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, so you can feel good while doing good.

The range has been extended too, and includes three tiers of wipes:

  • Premium 3 in 1  – which includes NHS approved barrier protection technology
  • Originals – the original plastic free wipes and eyelid wipes
  • Essentials – biodegradable wipes at every day prices

You’ll also find the products in stores like Boots, Lloyds pharmacy, Superdrug and Ocado.

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