Five ways to deal with hair thining

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five ways to cope with hair lossI’ve recently changed my hair care routine again.

Every year when autumn arrives, I notice my hair lacks lustre and looks very fine and limp.

People think I have thick hair, but what I actually have is lots of fine hair. And when I’m stressed or under pressure – or at the change of spring and autumn seasons – I notice it changes in its appearance and health quite dramatically.

It’s quite normal for our hair to go through different stages and processes – anyone who lives with pets will testify, that at certain times of the year, our beautiful fur babies can look quite scruffy as they go through a moult.

And it’s no different for humans! In fact, it’s normal to lose 50-100 hairs a day, but what about hair loss when it isn’t related to seasonal changes and continues? It’s not just men who are affected by hair loss; women can suffer too. It can be caused by a number of reasons including genetics, hormonal changes, scalp infections, nutritional deficiencies – including anaemia – and stress. Hair loss can affect people on a deep, psychological level and the stress of the hair loss can lock you in a cycle of more stress-induced hair loss…

Fortunately there are lots of ways to support the health of your body, scalp and hair. Here are some of them:

Choose gentle products

Some shampoos and conditioners use very harsh products to strip grease from the hair, which can start a cycle of scalp problems. I’ve been using rhassoul clay again since autumn and although I went through an alarming stage of losing more hair than ever, my hair is now thicker, healthier and has more body and health. Be aware of styling aids too – keep your hairdryer on a low heat, stay away from the straightening irons and leave your hair to dry naturally where possible.

thicker hair after using rhassoul clay


A homeopath will help you find a remedy not based on the symptoms, but on the cause of what is causing your hair loss. For example if your hair loss is caused by a change of hormones after giving birth, the remedy will address this. If the baldness is patchy, rather than all over the head, there will be different remedies. If it’s stress related, the cause of the stress can be worked on. It’s well worth contacting a practitioner rather than trying to self diagnose.

ATP (Advanced Tricho Pigmentation)

ATP (Advanced Tricho Pigmentation) is a cutting edge procedure to achieve the appearance of natural hair. It works in a similar way to a tattoo where natural pigments are applied to delicately replicate the appearance of hair follicles on the scalp. ATP is used to create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair, it can build upon a receding hair line, disguise scars and even create the look of a realistic fully shaven head! It’s a permanent solution, so well worth considering if your hair thinning is cause by factors that you might have no control over, such as genetics or trauma.

ATP Advanced tricho pigmentation harley street


In some culture, scalp massage makes up a part of their regular hair and skincare routine. Oils such as coconut oil or sesame massaged into the scalp once a week with a drop of rosemary essential oil can stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles, strengthen your hair roots and condition the scalp. And if your hair loss is exacerbated by stress, this weekly treat will help you feel calm and relaxed.


You’ve heard the saying ‘You are what you eat’ and its the same for hair! You need enough healthy oils in your diet to keep your hair happy – try to include a couple of portions of oily fish per week (vegans can eat nuts or flaxseed instead). If you suspect anaemia, iron rich foods include spinach, dried apricots and molasses. Good quality protein is needed for strong hair growth too – include lean chicken if you eat meat or rice and lentils for vegetarians. Finally, zinc can promote a healthy scalp – try a handful of pumpkin seeds a day.

What about you – have you ever suffered from hair loss? What did you do about it?

support healthy hair and scalp with diet

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