A natural, organic conditioner that works!

biorganics-remoist-organic-hair-conditionerAfter years of not being able to use conditioner I’ve finally found a great, natural product!

The reason I’ve not been able to use anything is that I have very fine hair. All conditioner does is weigh down my hair so it looks oily and lank; no matter how little I use or how well I rinse it.

More recently my hair has started to look a bit dry and apart from putting jojoba oil on my hair before I wash it, there has been little I can do to moisturise it.

Enter BiOrganics!

The reason I’d never heard of this brand before, despite them being in business for 20 years was because it is a salon brand; although you can buy from their website.

According to their webpage, all their natural hair products are free from artificial colours, fragrances and SLS.

Their products are cruelty free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians. BiOrganics is the only professional salon brand to carry such endorsements from BUAV and the Vegetairnan society logo. In addition they are approved by the RSPCA and Beauty Without Cruelty.

The product I used (Remoist conditioner) contains  some lovely herbal extracts including rosemary, thyme and nettle along with essential oils such as cammomile, clary and lavender. Like most conditioners you apply to freshly washed, towel dried hair, comb through and leave for up to 3 minutes before rinsing.


It works without weighing down my hair! Yipee – what a find!

Once I dried my hair it had body instead of being lank; which is a first unless I’m using clay. Even Mr Green (who didn’t know I was using a new product) remarked that my hair looked great

Packaging can be recycled easily; the bottle is made from HDPE and can be recycled with plastic bottles

Price – an amazing price for a natural, organic product at just £7.99 for 250 mls

Ever get overwhelmed with choice? With the BiOrganic range there is no overwhelm – just a small range of products for different hair types

Cost effective – a little goes a long way and I estimate this bottle is going to last me about a year

You can order online using paypal which makes purchasing a breeze


The smell is definitely ‘salon brand’ to me and I found it overwhelming. I found it a bit sweet and sickly, which lingered on my hands after use, although dissipated from my hair once dry.

This product claims to be “instantly absorbed deep into the hairs cortex” and I’m just not sure this is true. I wasn’t aware anything could be absorbed into the hair cortex and conditioners simply smoothed the hair from the outside.


Nothing bad to report!


I’m overjoyed to find such an effective conditioner after all these years. I would definitely recommend it as it works on both my fine hair and my daughter’s thicker mane and will put up with the smell to get these results again. I’ve noticed BiOrganics offer a volumising bundle, so I’d LOVE to get my hands on that little lot!