For all you slinging mamas!

slingingcatThis You Tube video will be sure to brighten your day.

For anyone who is a lover of baby slings you’ll find yourself singing (or should that be slinging) along and sharing this beauty with friends 🙂

I remember our slinging days with great fondness. I hated the thought of Little Miss Green being strapped into a plastic buggy feeling distanced from me; especially a forward facing one.

Now I know some babies love their buggy and love seeing the excitement of the world, but LMG was an ‘in arms’ baby and we never put her down until the moment she wanted to crawl. She hated me to go out of sight and although it used to drive me crazy at times it seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? Whether you go into the next room for 5 seconds to drop off a clean pile of laundry or the other side of the world, all the baby knows is that the person they need the most has disappeared – how terrifying!

I feel that giving our children a sense of safety and security from day one means they can trust us. If you grow up trusting someone then it seems obvious that relationship will be positive.

LMG is now 11 and when she is feeling a bit under the weather still asks to be carried! I can’t really do it any more, but just to pick her up (although her head is now above mine when I lift her!) and hold her close brings a primordial sense of security and okness where I instantly feel her body relax and let go. She still loves to lie with her head on my chest listening to my heartbeat, which has been her comfort since the moment she was conceived.

Anyway, without further ado get your best singing voice on because this video is a beauty for all slinging parents across the world!