Free home education resources from Battersea dogs and cats home

domestic-catMy gorgeous friend from A Smile A Day shared some home education resources with Little Miss Green recently.

Over at the Battersea dogs and cats home site, you can get some downloadable material.

As Little Miss green fancies herself as an animal whisperer, these will come in handy for her.

They have a range of leaflets aimed at children to read on caring for pets, safety around dogs and cats and our favourite – cat’s body language!

Little Miss Green has been bought up with cats and dogs, but never seems to quite believe me that Pussus Green has had enough when her tail starts to swish or her ears go back! now it’s in writing from a reliable source, perhaps she will start to believe it!

In addition, there are a few downloadable puzzles, such as a dog breed crossword, wordsearches and a tangled lead mess to sort out.

On another page you’ll find some more crafty pursuits such as delightful fingerprint cats and dogs, how to draw cats and dogs, making a mask and some recipes – because your furry friends deserve delicious edible treats too.

It’s all pretty simple stuff, but it helps fill the odd minute here or there with educational entertainment and would be great as a project for younger children.