Gardening update – Dig In Challenge

squash-seedlingAt the end of April, we received our free seeds from the BBC Dig In campaign.

I decided to follow their advice to the letter, to see how I got on and hopefully to learn some new tricks!

On 1st May I planted squash and tomato seeds in pots on the dining table. Carrots were sown in a big pot containing compost and sand outside the back door. Lettuces were planted in a raised bed next to the carrots and beetroot were put in pots outside.

Seedling sprouts!

After 10 days I had a huge squash seedling appear! Along with it came two tomato seedlings and a few of the beetroot.

At around the same time, teeny carrots showed their heads (although I’m still trying to fathom out if they are weeds); likewise the lettuces.

Every now and again I’ve been sent a ‘tip’ from the DIG in team. This week’s was about carrots and it’s something I’ve heard a friend recommend.

Gardening tips

They suggest starting off carrots in compost-filled sections of toilet rolls. When the seedling is a few inches high, you can transplant the entire tube in the ground, where it will rot naturally.

Last week’s tip was to use beetroot leaves as a crop. Did you know you could use them like spinach: Either eat the small leaves raw, or wilt the larger leaves – they are fab served with butter or olive oil and garlic as a side dish!

What about you? How is your planting coming along this year?