How to Nurture a Love of Nature in Your Kids

getting kids in nature


Raising your kids to be green is not always easy. One sure-fire way to get them interested in playing their part in caring for the planet is to nurture a love of nature.

Having a connection to the great outdoors and seeing nature up close is the best way to develop a respect for plants and wildlife. Making your time outside in nature fun and engaging is the perfect way to enjoy family time together while getting the kids enthusiastic about being outdoors. Here are some exciting activities that will encourage your kids to grow up sharing your passion for nature and interest in protecting the environment:

Hunt for Minibeasts

Get your little ones outside exploring nature on a fun mini beast hunt.

Younger kids love bug hunts, so they are an ideal activity to keep them entertained. Minibeast hunts always feel like an adventure, and the great thing is that you can do them pretty much anywhere outdoors. Whether you visit a forest or simply head out into your back garden, you are sure to find loads of insects and other creatures for the kids to spot. It’s an excellent way for kids to marvel at the tiny creatures living everywhere but usually unseen.

And it’s a perfect way to introduce kids to insect identification. You may want to use an insect spotting book to identify themand then talk about their features and habitats. To get the kids even more enthusiastic, bring along a magnifying glass so they can see these incredible creatures up close.

Go Bird Watching

Bird watching is a fantastic family activity and also a great opportunity to teach kids more about the incredible range of birds that live here and to discuss their migration habits.

If you are looking for a calming activity to do with the kids, bird watching is ideal. There are many places to go bird watching so there is sure to be an excellent spot near you with a bird hide or somewhere that you can watch birds in the open air. Don’t forget to pack the best binoculars so that the kids can see the birds in more detail without getting too close and disturbing them.

Visit a Nature Reserve

Nature reserves are an excellent place to visit for a family day out in the countryside. The great news is that there are nature reserves in almost every county so you won’t have to travel too far to visit one near you. Many nature reserves combine incredible scenery with lots of information about the wildlife that lives at the reserve. You will also find a choice of walking trails to follow at the nature reserve, so you will be able to choose one that best suits your family to make the walk enjoyable for all.

Hopefully, these ideas have helped give you some inspiration to help you nurture a love of nature in your kids while enjoying lots of family fun at the same time.