Save our bees during National Science and Engineering Week: 6 – 15 March 2009

honey bees are decliningWe’re all signed up for the Save Our Bees campaign, in conjunction with the British science association here at chez Green!

Billions of UK bees are dying and one in three colonies in the UK were lost during winter 2008. Across the world honey bee numbers are rapidly declining. Nobody really knows why, but ideas include disease, changing weather patterns, loss of habitat and the widespread use of insecticides.
Apparently, Einstein said that if the honeybee became extinct, then so would mankind. Whether he did or not, the honeybees are important for us all. They pollinate our crops, which feed us and our farm animals. Without the pollination, crops would rapidly diminish.

Everyone across the UK is invited to help save our bees by planting bee friendly plants during National Science and Engineering Week. But don’t be bound by the rules, get out in your garden and plant bee friendly plants throughout the year.

Why not register at the Save our bees website to get some free seeds and an information pack?

There are various events taking part throughout the country, so take a peek and see what is happening near you. Planting seeds is a great activity to do with young children and you can teach them about the importance of honey bees at the same time.

Are you taking part? What do you plan to sow?