Six rainy day activities for young children

rainy day activities for kidsYou know what so many children have lost touch with?

The little things.

With their fast paced, internet driven hi-tech world, appreciation for the simple pleasures seem to take a backseat to updating Facebook ten times a day.

Thankfully a rainy day is the perfect opportunity to get your children’s creative juices flowing so they can enjoy some old fashioned entertainment.

Encourage them to turn off the router – yes, I know it’s hard, but there are plenty of fun, enriching activities that will both entertain and help your little ones to develop valuable skills!

Crafting supplies

It’s always a good idea to have your home stocked with craft supplies for those overcast days. Ready made crafting packs can be bought from the store, or bits and pieces can be bought and assembled into a home made craft box. Your box should include items such as glue, paper, card, sequins, pipe cleaners and so on. Creative activities are a “must” for developing minds. Children are born with an innate thirst for knowledge. Creative play and utilizing the imagination is important for learning hand to eye coordination, growth, development and so much more.


Another beneficial activity for developing young minds is the discipline of playing an instrument and learning to read music. Music not only fosters creativity, but stimulates parts of the brain that are connected to mathematics, memory and coordination. Your child can feel the confidence of learning a new piece, and find a healthy outlet for their frustrations. You may even find that your child has a real musical aptitude! Click here for a treasure chest of instruments for kids!

Board games

Remember how much fun board games were before the days of cell phones and DVDs? Having a stack of board games in the cupboard is a real treat on a rainy day. These can include the entire family. Ranging from humourous to strategic, you’ll find one that perfectly suits your child’s interests.


Forget e-readers, get the paperback and hardback books out and have some quiet reading time. Reading is educational, will encourage your kids to become book lovers and is economical, especially if you use a local library.


Instead of having the television paint a fictional world for your children, why not encourage them to create their own? Let them take over the living room for an afternoon and have them create a fantastical world in which they create the characters and rules. After all, activating the imagination allows them to use their creativity, problem-solving skills and even the ability to empathize! Bring on the pillow forts, costumes and funny voices!


Making a family scrapbook is a fun and cultural activity. Nowadays, families are spread throughout the world and, through the innovation of the Internet, it is easy to keep in touch. However it is lovely to have a paper record of the family origins, special times and so on. Start with a photo album and plan it out. Have different pages for different members or branches of the family. You can add in other interesting bits and pieces such as cinema tickets or perhaps a swatch of material from your wedding dress. Making a family scrapbook really brings you all together and is an excellent opportunity to honor those who have passed.

These are just a handful of ideas to get you started. Rainy days can easily become fun days with just a touch creative thinking. So switch off the computer and video games, and encourage your little ones to have fun “the old fashioned way”. You and your family will be glad you did! As they grow up, your children will remember the quality times you spent together rather than the times they spent texting or playing on their games console!