5 Ways to Reduce Impact When Moving Home

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green blog eco removal companyHave you thought about the environmental impact of moving home?

If you declutter, you can accumulate a lot of landfill items. When packing items to take you can end up having to buy cardboard boxes and packaging materials. And what you do with all that packaging has an effect too – do you dump it in landfill or find a more eco friendly way to get rid of it?

With a bit of thought and planning there are eco-friendly solutions out there.

Companies are offering solutions for a whole spectrum of problems, so you don’t have to choose one over the other.

It’s not a case that you have to pick either green services or a reliable removal team; you can have both.

Here are five ways to lessen the impact of moving home:

Recycle boxes

For items you don’t use on a daily basis, get them packed in boxes in plenty of time, in order to reduce stress.

You’ll need more boxes than you think, so plan ahead and look at where you could reuse boxes from shops or ask on Freecycle.

If you pack carefully, you can minimise the amount of boxes you require and when you’ve unpacked them at the other end, remember to offer them back on Freecycle to keep the cycle of reuse going…

Recycle packing materials

By reducing breakages you can reduce your carbon footprint.

There is no joy in getting to your new home and discovering your entire crockery collection needs replacing!

Hold on to bubble wrap, newspapers and shredded paper for a few weeks before your move so you have plenty of materials to reuse. Ask friends and colleagues to hold onto suitable materials for you too. And wrap delicate items in your own towels and teatowels; there’s no need to buy something special.

Hire packaging experts

If you feel as though you’re going to end up causing more harm than good by packing your belongings yourself, find experts to help.

Packaging experts know how to prioritise the order things are packed away, are able to gauge the volume of your items and can ensure that they will be prepared safely for the move – without any waste.

They reuse strong wooden boxes and thick blankets so there’s little packaging waste; and you’ll pick up loads of great packing tips along the way!

Reduce clutter

Reduce your carbon footprint on the road by minimising the amount of stuff you take with you! When moving home, you want to be able to start fresh.

Do a clear out and put unwanted items on eBay, give them away on Freecycle or offer them to charity shops.

Why throw something away when another person can use it?

Eco moving companies

Use a man and van company like Eco Movers, who tick a number of boxes concerning eco-friendly matters.

They use recycled packing materials and have electric and hybrid vans, which means you’re choosing a company that is mindful of their impact on the environment.

The London-based firm has a proven-tracked record of excellent service, employing highly-skilled and trained personnel who can pack and move items with great care and ease.

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