6 ways to Save Water and Energy in the Home

eco friendly homeWant to do your bit for the environment and save money at the same time?

These tips will get you up to speed on what can be done to reduce your carbon footprint by investing in a few handy ethical products.


Make sure you have loft, wall and floor insulation to keep the heat in, enabling you to reduce the radiator usage.
Thermafleece, made from wool, is a great product and eco-friendly too.

LED Lighting

LED lighting uses less electricity than incandescent or CFL bulbs, resulting in less CO2 being produced. This means you  reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from these cost effective beams.
But that’s not all, LEDs don’t contain mercury or lead so they are kinder for the environment and better for your health.

Water Saving Taps

Use flow regulators to reduce the amount of water used at home. They are cheap and easy to fit in showers and taps.
Changing every day habits can also save water. Don’t leave the tap running when washing your face or brushing your teeth as this is literally pouring money down the drain.

Turn off power

A simple change can save energy and lower bills. So don’t leave the TV on standby or boil more water than you need in the kettle.
It’s easy to reduce your electricity bills – turn all appliances, apart from ones like your fridge, off at the wall after use to stop those energy vampires.

Solar Panels

Solar panels pay for themselves over time and the free electricity will definitely be of benefit. Although initially expensive to set up you will be gaining for life!

Radiator Maintenance

Make sure radiators are bled and working properly. This circulates the heat more effectively and means you get more heat into your room for less fuel. Lowering the temperature of your radiators with thermostats also saves energy and money.

Look after the environment and it pays off not only on your finances but the planet as well. These money saving investments help reduce the usage of power, water and other resources, so what are you waiting for?