Converting your abandoned garage into a cherished family space

converting a garage in your home


It’s extremely crucial that every house has a communal family space, most likely this will be the living room, but this can prove problematic for homes with limited space.

For people reading this that are feeling the urge for an additional area in your home, why not convert your garage?

Your home is ultimately the place you feel most at ease. It’s an area you share with your family to live, laugh and love; it’s the place you feel safe and most comfortable. However, living in your home doesn’t always consist of rainbows and butterflies especially when you have tedious work routines such as cooking, cleaning and washing to contemplate.

Furthermore, any children you may have eliminates any spare time to complete those chores or have any time to yourself. Concrete Garages from Lidget Compton allow you to enjoy family time in a separate area of the house whilst keeping your house clean and kid-free.

It’s not fun when you sit down for that all-important family time and in the corner of your eye you can see piles of washing, a dishwasher that needs emptying and a weeks’ worth of what I like to call ‘rush’ left around the house, that you just haven’t quite got round to yet. Of course, the kids come first, and they want your attention so where do you go?

Most the time our garages are full of unorganised ‘stuff’ that we convince ourselves we need and never go back to. Throw this stuff away and in seconds you suddenly have a huge area to convert into the family space you’ve been longing for with no distractions giving you the dreaded reality check.

Now you have your space I have put together five top tips to help convert it into the most social room in the house evoking only loving positive energy.


Hang all your favourite pictures around the room. Funny pictures, holiday pictures, Birthday/Christmas pictures any that carry a happy story behind them, not only is this a way of reminiscing on happy times it’s a good conversation starter so you won’t be short of a story to tell at family time.


Making the space media-friendly is a great way to enjoy the famous family movie nights, a few rounds on the gaming console or even to blast your favourite music for a couple of hours.

The Table:

This is huge, sounds strange but the table is probably going to become the heart of the room. The table should be positioned somewhere that’s suitable and convenient for everyone to get to. This is perfect for board games and card games. Don’t forget on movie nights you’ll need the table to hold all your drinks and popcorn 

Room for everyone:

It is a must that you incorporate enough room for everyone to sit down and relax. I advise a big comfy couch, lots of squashy cushions and a warm throw over to really create that cosy feel to the area. If your feeling really boujee why not add a chair alongside with a little foot pouf to match.

Fun Vibrant Atmosphere:

Under no circumstances do you let any of the natural ‘rush’ of stuff from the week build up in this room. This room should solely be for unwinding and stopping for quality time with your loved ones. Add little details like, lighting, coloured walls and ornaments of your choice to make the room feel as fun and vibrant as you like.