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DiCaprio, Leonardo blood diamond and 11th hourInspired by a post over on the Ooffoo Community; I decided to share my top five ‘green’ movies with you!

Mr Green and I enjoy a good movie. It’s our way to unwind at the end of the day. Some we watch purely for the sake of entertainment. I love my chick flicks and period dramas, while Mr Green favours sci-fi.

However, we’ve also seen some great films and documentaries that have inspired us on our own journey towards a greener, more eco friendly lifestyle.

Black Gold

The global coffee trade is under investigation in BLACK GOLD, which illustrates how poor farmers in Third World countries are being left penniless as their richer First World counterparts continue to pay them far less than they should.

An Inconvenient Truth

Presented by Al Gore, this compelling film looks at the effects of global warming and what we can do to stop it. It delivers some harsh and frightening facts, but serves as a wake up call to humanity to move from apathy towards action in order to secure a better future.

The 11th Hour

Leonardo Di Caprio, Professor Stephen Hawking, Mikhail Gorbachev and over 50 leading scientists present a thought-provoking documentary about the fragile state of our planet’s ecosystems and the dangers we face. The message is to cut carbon emissions and switch to renewable energy sources to change the course of our planet’s future.

The Corporation

One of the first movies of this kind we watched, corporation will change your shopping habits forever! This documentary covers the growing prominence of large global businesses, and the way that their decisions are impacting the world such as pollution and violating human rights. Remember; every purchase you make is a vote with your money.

Blood diamond

Set in Sierra Leone and staring Leonardo Di Caprio, BLOOD DIAMOND explores the role of diamond trading in the African civil war of the late 1990s. The film provides a disturbing and educational insight into the world of illicit diramond trading, how it funds military operations and has the potential to destroy people’s lives

The next two on my list are ‘The Age of Stupid’ and ‘Who killed the electric car’. What about you – any recommendations for ‘green’ movies?

Photo credit: Armando Gallo / Retna ltd

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