How to Invest in Property with an Eco-Friendly Mindset

eco friendly houseClimate change is a growing concern, and the effects of our 21st century lifestyles on the planet are becoming more obvious than ever before. Environmental issues are becoming prevalent in many aspects of our lives, from the cosmetics we use to the cars we drive, to the properties we invest. If you are passionate about saving the planet and you are looking for a way to invest, then an eco-friendly property investment might be perfect for you.

Consider your tenant’s lifestyle

There are other ways you can incorporate an eco-friendly mindset into property development. Purchasing a property that is close to public transport links without a car park space makes it far more likely that your future tenants will choose eco-friendly transport choices like walking or cycling. Other small touches like choosing LED lightbulbs, including a smart meter so tenants can monitor their energy consumption and choosing energy efficient appliances can all make a big impact on the environmental impact of your property investment.

Don’t Lower Your Standards

When we talk about eco-friendly properties, we’re not talking about sheds in the woods and long drop toilets, as some of the most luxurious and high-end properties out there feature some great eco-friendly features. There is no need to settle for less when you are looking for an eco-friendly property. Consumers have more impact on the market than ever before, with a huge number of both tenants and investors wanting a property that is better for the planet. There are numerous benefits to choosing eco-friendly options, like intelligent design, innovative features and wider appeal. You definitely don’t have to lower your standards in order to be eco-friendly

Look for an Eco-Friendly Property Development

The environmental cost of a building is high up on developer’s agendas, and new build developments where sustainability is at the centre of the project are becoming far more common. One stunning example of an eco-friendly development is West Point Manchester, sold by RW Invest. This luxurious apartment building features some innovative features and low carbon technology measures like 100% energy efficient LED lighting and underfloor heating. The development also has solar panels to generate energy, an air source heat pump and even a state of the art heat recovery ventilation system to reduce how much energy is wasted.

Sustainable Construction Goals

Energy efficient features show just how important it is to have an eco-friendly mindset and invest in developments which share your priorities. Sustainability has become increasingly important in the construction industry, and it has been found that 45% of carbon emissions in the UK come from the built environment. As well as this, 72% of domestic emissions come from heating space and providing hot water. Furthermore, 32% of landfill waste comes from the construction industry or building demolition, which is why sustainable materials are so important. These recent figures show just how important sustainability is when it comes to property.

Consider Alternative Energy

There are also a number of ways that you can incorporate energ6y efficient technology into your property investment. Clean energy solutions like solar panels and air source heat pumps are great for eco-friendly property investors as their chosen property also has far less impact on the environment by producing its own power. You can also install eco-friendly features like dimmer switches, water filters and energy efficient thermostat control.