How to use essential oils without an oil burner

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how to use essential oils We love our essential oils here at Chez Green.

There are oils for everything you need, from helping you relax at bedtime, to keeping you focused when you’re working to keeping your home free from invading bacteria and viruses in order to keep you healthy.

One of the easiest ways to benefit from essential oils is by using an oil burner. But what if you want to use oils and DON’T have a burner? Or you don’t want to use one because you have young children around that could get hurt by a naked flame?

Find out here how to use essential oils in your home without the need for a specialised burner!

Hot Water

One simple method is to get an old dish or bowl, fill it with hot water and put a couple of drops of your essential oil into it. This won’t stay hot for long, so you’ll need to keep topping it up as it cools down.

Room Spray

Get hold of an empty plant mister and fill 3/4 full with water. Now put a selection of oils (about 15 drops) into the mister and shake well. Use this spray in your rooms like an air freshener as often as you like.

Light Bulbs

You can buy special light bulb rings that gently diffuse oils. Be aware thought that these were designed in the days of incandescent bulbs which produce heat. If you use them on CFLs or LEDs they might not have the same effect!

Radiator Fragrancer

Made from ceramic, these are designed to hang on (or some are magnetic) to your radiator. You simply add three or four drops of essential oil and don’t need to add water or mess about with flames.

Pot Pourri

You could go DIY by making pot pourri. Gather some materials from nature – pine cones, leaves or orange peel, mix them up in a pretty bowl and add six to eight drops of essential oil.


If it’s the time of year when you have radiators on you could put a damp cloth over them with a couple of drops of essential oils. As the room warms up the oils will be diffused into the air.

Cotton Wool

Put a drop of essential oil on a cotton wool ball and stuff it somewhere in your room – inside a cushion cover or behind the curtain is a good place!

What about you – any tips for our readers on using essential oils around the home?

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