Improving The Privacy Of Your Home

privacy in your home


While we may share a lot about ourselves online, nearly all of us value some privacy. It’s one of the reasons why we have locks on our doors, curtains in our home, and use locks on our bathroom doors.

Even if you’re a really sociable person, you might not want your neighbours peering in as they pass by your windows. Neither do you want to be at the mercy of some minor theft of the things you’ve worked hard to buy. Here are some simple ways to increase the privacy of your home:

Fencing & Treelines

Planting trees can be a great means of achieving privacy, (not to mention all the environmental benefits!) depending on where you live, and how much space you have to work with. You can opt for thinner trees with small roots if you are worried about larger types causing problems over time. If trees are impractical for your space, try fencing instead. This, on top of outdoor louvres which complement your home can be a massive bonus in securing your privacy and protection. Opting for solid gate options rather than slit spaces can also help you avoid unwanted glances.

Net Curtains

Net curtains, or those with a slightly-dark (such as purple) hue can help your living space be hard to see through during the day. This gives you much needed privacy and comfort within your own living space. This can be especially important in bathroom spaces in which the curtains need to be up all the time, or in ground-floor rooms where you need to let light in but also do not wish to advertise your belongings to the street outside. Blinds can work in the same way.

Home Design & Layout

Unfortunately, ‘just moving’ or asking other neighbors or passers-by not to look at or in your home are not options! However, you can consider how you utilise the space in each room. For example, placing your television with its high-end sound system and collection of games consoles directly in front of a window facing the street might not be a good idea. Considering how you orient some rooms, what you prioritize and how you behave within your home is important.