Save a bluebell wood with good gifts

bluebellsBluebells are one of my favourite flowers. We have a hill near us where carpets of them adorn the spring time and I love finding a log to sit on amongst them all and falling into a blissful doze.

It’s the kind of space where you know summer really is going to come! After a long, hard winter, the signs of spring and better weather (!) are on their way


Voted most popular wild flower in a public poll, we all have a duty to preserve one of our nation’s most beautiful promises of spring. We can help raise awareness of the threats of illegal collection, habitat loss and mislabelling of bulbs in garden centres by supporting the work of the Tree Council through Good gifts.

Bluebell woods

You can buy part of a Bluebell Wood through Good gifts and the price of the gift is passed on to The Tree Council in full. It provides an excellent way of solving your gift problems, and supporting the work of the Tree Council.

Your gift helps the tree Council to plant new bulbs or to thin historic habitats to allow existing bluebells to flourish in sites around the country from Scotland to Kent.

Bluebell walk

If you’ve never experienced a massive carpet of bluebells, then why not see if the Tree Council are organising a bluebell walk near you?

What about you – what is your favourite wild flower?