How to save money and reduce your carbon footprint

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renewable-energy-solar-turbineI don’t know about you, but when the weather starts to get better, it gets me thinking about home improvements.

I’m not talking about spring cleans, painting and decorating, but making our home more energy efficient.

I love the little (and not so little) actions we can take that not only save us money, but have a positive impact on the environment too.

Some of the smaller investments, according to a fantastic infographic by Solar Tech include:

Loft insulation

Having the maximum loft insulation could save you £180 per year and takes only two years for it to pay for itself.

Energy efficient light bulbs

Replacing just one light bulb with an energy saving lightbulb can save around £3 per year.

Water efficient shower head

Using a water efficient shower head can save up to 74% of the water used with a standard showerhead.

Some of the larger investments

Solar panels

Installing a solar hot water system could save you £200 per year.

Wind turbines

A well-sited 6kW turbine can produce up to 10,000kWh per year

Heat pumps

Both ground source heat pumps and air to air heat pumps can earn you money via the domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), so can be a worthwhile investment that pays for itself over time.

While the larger investments need serious consideration for most, I love making those small changes that cost next to nothing for us, but have considerable positive impact on the environment.

Here are some other small actions you can take that make a difference:


Separate your recyclables and use your kerbside collection. Cost: a few minutes per day

Open the curtains

Now the sunny weather is coming, take advantage of free solar warmth by opening the curtains when you get up. Cost: nothing

Put a lid on it

For cooking rice, pasta or potatoes, put the lidded pan on the hob, bring to the boil then turn the hob off off. In half an hour you’ll have perfectly cooked food at a fraction of the energy cost. Cost: Not sure, but I reckon it’s a big saving on cooking costs!

Line dry

Turn off the tumble dryer and put your laundry on the line – the wind and sun will dry everything for you. Cost: a few minutes of your time

Love your leftovers

The average family in the UK throws away £60 of edible food per month. Organise your fridges and cupboard and fill bellies not bins. Cost: a little creativity and forward planning.

What about you? What are your tips for saving money and protecting resources?


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