Target 2050: Countdown to a low carbon future

target2050_logoWe all know we should be reducing our carbon footprint in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

There are many areas in the UK where councils and other organisations are working with home owners to help reduce their carbon emissions.

One project in Stroud, Gloucestershire aims to deliver the Council’s Climate Change Strategy through a programme of work with local householders, businesses and community buildings. It’s called “Target 2050: Countdown to a low carbon future

Reduce carbon emissions

The project is centred around the UK target of an 80% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Their work with householders aims to demonstrate that it is possible to achieve significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions from existing homes. The focus is on the sustainable energy measures that can be installed in existing homes because two thirds of the homes we’ll have in 2050 already exist and house people today.

Cashback on energy efficient measures

Householders taking part in the project can gain cashback on energy efficient measures such as insulation, light bulbs, draught proofing and A rated appliances. There are a series of free events planned where you can gain free, impartial advice from energy advisors.

There is also an online forum to ask for help and share advise and a range of fact sheets which will increase as the project takes off.

Free, ‘low carbon’ advise

Currently you can find out all about Low Carbon Home improvement, Energy monitoring devises and plenty of information about Reduce, reuse and Recycle!

Why not have a browse? Even if you don’t live in the area, there are lots of low cost and no cost tips to help you reduce your energy costs along with information about case studies to inspire you.

Expanding awareness

The scheme is expanding to Cheltenham, Gloucester, Cotswold District, South Gloucestershire and the area covered by Wiltshire Council and the council are looking for 5 new “exemplar” homes in each area.

If you live in any of these areas and are concerned about the environment, thinking about making home improvements and willing to help the council and Severn Wyre promote lower carbon living, then why not get in touch?

Contact Lucie Davis on 01452 835076 or drop her an email: target2050 AT swea DOT co DOT uk