The Art of Buying Forever Furniture

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heirloom upcycled furnitureIn a day and age where instant gratification rules the roost, everything rolls off a conveyor belt by the thousands and so much ends up in overflowing landfills, there has never been more need for you to buy big-ticket items that will last a lifetime or three.

It’s having the foresight to invest in dining tables, beds, sofas, chairs, coffee tables and credenzas that will be part of your life for years before you pass them down the line for the next generation to enjoy, whether they are viewed as heirlooms or just something with sentimental value.

Of course, the trick to making the world a better place through this medium is being able to identify the hallmarks of top-quality tidbits, not just for the sake of lasting forever but to make sure they stay in vogue too.

Don’t worry, big ticket items don’t need to be stamped with a designer’s logo to be long-lasting. They just have to be well-made using great materials. That’s the only real thing you need to look for when trying to buy for a lifetime.

Keeping these ideas in mind, here’s how to green up your home using well-made furniture:

  1. Get What You Pay For

In the world of big-ticket furniture, one of the best ways to tell if something is good quality and well-made is to look at the price. Things that have been made with love, care, attention and the most durable materials will command a premium for obvious reasons, whereas something that’s stamped with a price that seems too good to be true usually is.

  1. Craftsmanship Is Everything

Most big ticket items are still made from wood, that gloriously natural material. So, if you’re looking at something made from wood, always examine the craftsmanship and the structure first, making sure all seams fit together perfectly and that nothing is jiggly or creaky.

Open the doors, check the hinges, pull out the drawers, sit on both sides – whatever you need to for peace of mind. If, however, you’re considering something made from with steel, your main focus should be on anything wobbling, squeaking or weak joints.

  1. Read The Reviews

One of the most amazing things about modern-consumerism is the fact you can read a thousand reviews before you buy anything, which is essential reading when it comes to investing in something long-lasting. It could be an oakwood wardrobe review, a Dreamcloud mattress review, a Chesterfield sofa review or just about anything. Read what other buyers have to say on their purchase and look for any trends that might emerge that could highlight a particular problem.

  1. Materials Matter

Here’s a fact that can’t be denied: Long-lasting furniture is made from long-lasting materials. It’s as simple as that. So always ask what a piece of furniture is made from, whether it be specifically what type of wood, in which you want either ash, birch, cherry, mahogany, oak, maple or walnut, and you want to avoid anything made from cedar, pine or redwood because they are all soft. As for leather goods, you want to ensure a piece is made from real, robust hides with a super-strong feel because most of us lead hardy lifestyles (kids, cats, dogs, feet up etc.).

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