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eco solution to erosionWhen it comes to looking after the planet, it can be hard to know where to start. With so many different issues coming to light each and every day, we all need to ensure we are doing our best to keep the planet we live on safe. A common issue that has come to light over the last 15 years or so, is the erosion of our coastlines. In some cases, people are losing their homes and livelihoods due to eroding cliffs. Whilst there isn’t a lot we can do personally, there are a number of companies that are doing their bit to save eroding cliffs, all of which we should be supporting as much as we possibly can.

What Is Erosion?

For those that do not know, erosion is the process that describes continuous physical and events that cause both soil and rock on the Earth’s surface to loosen. Once it starts to loosen, it moves to a new location. There are several different factors that can cause erosion to happen, including mountains, soil, rivers, and sea coasts.

Why Does It Need To Be Stopped?

Although it may seem obvious, there are a number of different reasons we should be striving to stop the erosion of our landscapes. For example:

  • Erosion can affect wildlife, so it is important we’re doing what we can to prevent it
  • Not only that, but it affects public and private property
  • It can contribute to the ever-growing pollution problem
  • In some cases, corrosive and toxic materials can be distributed in a new location

How Can We Stop It In An Environmentally Friendly Way?

Although it may seem as though erosion is a natural process that cannot be stopped, there are many developments when it comes to environmentally friendly technologies. Because of this, there are several solutions that have been designed to stop this process specifically.

One of the ways in which we can stop erosion in an environmentally friendly way is to use products like the Erosion Control Blanket from Erizon. The Erosion Control Blanket is a solution that is designed with a safe and effective installation on all surfaces in mind. The product is effectively a synthetic blanket that is sprayed through high-pressure Hydroseeder equipment. Once sprayed, the ‘blanket’ dries and sets within hours. After the product has set, providing high-shear resistant erosion control.

The Erizon Erosion Control Blanket contains speciality binders that form a resilient cover that is flexible enough to move with the ground below it. Ultimately, this eliminates any cracking of the coating when it is hit by harsh weather and waves. If you’re worried about aesthetic, a colouring agent can be added to the binding materials, ranging from grey, brown and green.

Do you worry about erosion and the safety of our environment? What other initiatives do you know of that can help combat the erosion our cliffs and sea fronts are facing every single day? Let me know in the comments section below.

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