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THe Happy Healthy Home book cover by Filter BuyI was invited to submit my contribution to a book that is being launched today called “The Happy Healthy Home.”

Tara, who contacted me said “We consider you to be an expert on the subject and would love to have you get involved.”

How could I resist!

Tara was looking for tips and ideas that homeowners can use to make the home a healthier place, with the focus mainly on how the indoor environment affects health. And they wanted my insights on how to create or maintain a healthy home.

Well this is something I’m completely passionate about and with topics covered to include indoor air quality and the toxic materials in your home, it was totally aligned with the way we try to live here at Little Green HQ.

While you might think air pollution is worst outdoors, the shocking truth is that according to the EPA, our indoor environment is two to five times more toxic than our outdoor environment.

The Happy Healthy Home

The Happy Healthy Home is packed full of information to help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle; free from toxins and dangerous chemicals.

From the moment we take our first shower of the day, to the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the air we breathe and even the bedding we sleep under, we’re bombarded by chemicals and often pay little attention to them. Until our health begins to suffer.

I’m a firm believer in prevention rather than cure which is why I was eager to contribute to the book. In it you’ll find ideas to purify your living space, improve the air quality in your home or office, and even improve quality of life for you and your loved ones.

Indoor air pollution

From simple ideas such as swapping teflon-coated cookware to making your own home cleaners, you’ll find an array of innovative and easily-manageable lifestyle tips to improve the health and well-being of everyone in your home.

I’m going to show you the contents and you can try and guess which contribution is mine. Are you ready?!



Those of you who know me well, will see that page 63 has my name all over it – “Creating a romantic and eco-friendly bedroom”!

An eco friendly bedroom

When you think that you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it makes sense to make that space healthy and special. I cover using low VOC paints, lime washes or natural clay plaster for the walls. I discuss how to bring elements of Feng Shui into your room for added romance. I offer advice on choosing safe, healthy bedlinen. I cover what sorts of candles you should choose and why. And I’ll tell you about the amazing ability houseplants can have on our health – they’re not just pretty to look at – if you choose the right ones, they have some astonishing health benefits too.

“The Happy Healthy Home” is available now on Amazon and would make the ideal Christmas present for a friend who is ready to make their home a better place to live. Alternatively, a downloadable version is available free from the FilterBuy website.

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