4 Ways to Make your Garden Easier To Care For

woman watering a garden with watering can


If you are keen on your garden being as beautiful as possible, but short on time, then you are certainly not alone.

A beautiful garden can seem to take a lot of effort and stress. But that’s not necessarily true. By setting yourself up for success, you can enjoy a great space without the heartache.

Keep It Native

You want to work WITH nature, not against it. So while it can be tempting to grow exotic plants and flowers, you’ll have much more success if you stick to native plants. This means you’ll be working with what nature knows best, instead of trying to control things all the time. And it’s a really important thing to factor in with droughts becoming more common. Plants that grow naturally in your part of the world require less care, so your garden will on the whole be a lot easier to look after.

Enjoy your space

It’s important that your space doesn’t become all work and no play, otherwise your incentive and motivation to take care of it will diminish. Look at your household and what they might use your outdoor space for. If you enjoy lounging around on a hot summer day, you’ll want a nice lawn area. If you have children, you might like a messy area. If you enjoy hosting barbecues, you might want to get the patio builders to lay a patio down for your entertaining. Making your space work for you is crucial.

Water Plants In The Evening

One of the simple top tips that all gardeners should take on board is to water plants in the evening, rather than at any other time of day. There is a simple reason for this. If you water during the day, it is going to mean that more water is going to evaporate because of the sun. This leads you to having to water more often, and of course it causes a waste of water too. You might also damage the leaves this way. Water in the evening, and you avoid those problems altogether. And instal a couple of rain barrels too, to save precious rain water for drier times.

Feed Plants Regularly

In the growing season, you should make sure that you are feeding your plants regularly, as this is going to help them remain healthy while also ensuring that they go through a lot more growth. It’s as simple as adding a small amount of liquid food to a watering can and sprinkling some around the soil with each plant. Do this fortnightly for the growing season, and you will find that your plants hugely benefit from it, helping to make them easier to look after as well. If you grow one comfrey plant, you can even make your own fertiliser by leaving some leaves in water for a few weeks, before straining and diluting.