Attracting natural pest control to your garden

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damsel butterflyIf you have a garden, chances are you’ll now be tidying things up in time for Winter. But don’t make things TOO tidy.

Encouraging birds and wildlife to your garden helps to keep the ecosystem healthy and can even benefit you with natural pest control.


Take insects for example. Insects help pollinate plants, eat other insects and provide food for birds. You don’t have to have an unkempt, overgrown garden, but leaving a few places for insects and creatures to hide can bring masses of benefit to you and the environment at large. Either choose a designated ‘wildlife area’ or select a few small areas to leave undisturbed.

Natural slug control

You might find yourself with a hedgehog who will provide you with natural slug control. A small pile of logs from pruning your hedges and trees will provide refuge for woodlive, slow worms and frogs. Frogs will also happily much your slugs!


If the thought of undisturbed piles of logs and leaves is horrifying, then why not hang a bird or bat box? Alternatively a small pond can look great and provide a haven for dragonflies, frogs and other animals as well as providing water for birds.


If you grow sunflowers or fennel, instead of gathering all the seeds for yourself or rushing out to deadhead them, allow the birds to take their fill too. Providing shrubs and trees with berries encourages birds and small mammals to feed in your garden.

Butterflies and bees

Plants such as lavender and buddleia will attract butterflies and bees. Or why not check out our bee friendly plants guide?

It’s easy to maintain a garden that is teaming with beneficial wildlife for you to enjoy.

Tell me; what do you do to actively encourage wildlife into your garden?

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