Garden accessories with nature in mind

bird feeder by Grand illusionsAs you’ll be aware, Mr Green and I have really nurtured our garden this year. For the past ten years it’s suffered some serious neglect, but we now have plenty of crops growing, a small harvest already and we’re trying to be better custodians of our space.

I try not to buy needless things, but there are some items that really grab your senses and fulfill a sense of beauty in our lives. Just as we need food for our stomachs, we need beauty for our soul.

Grand Illusions

Over on Grand Illusions I’ve been eyeing up some gorgeous items. In our throw away society, it’s better to buy something that you really love and you know will last. Rather than a ‘trendy’ item, classic items are deigned to last and give you years of pleasure – ethical buying at its best.

Grand Illusions was created by Nick Ronald and David Roberts who promote gifts, cards and accessories of good design and taste at an affordable price. Author of three books, Nick and David are passionate about decorating techniques and design inspiration for your home.

Garden accessories

In their garden accessories range, you’ll find products which are designed to look like architectural antiques, such as my favourite, the shaker heart bird feeder pictured above.

They have a range of simple items with rustic charm such as their windowbox and string holder. Any of these items would make a lovely gift for gardeners with taste.

Credit crunch gifts

Starting at just £3.95 for their heart tags, none of these items will break the bank either.

Creating a beautiful living space, means you want to keep what you have and that’s one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why not take a look and bookmark them for some early Christmas shopping?