Hand crafted in England – garden arches

garden-arch made from solid steel in the UKOur neighbour has just opened his gardens to the public to raise money for charity.

Between him and another gardener in the village, they raised over £1000; which is phenomenal.

I was rather hoping no one would peek over the fence to our harvest of horsetail!

We were chatting over the garden hedge the other day and he was showing me a couple of beautiful arches; one with red roses climbing all over it and the other with hops.

Garden arches

If you’ve been watching James Wong’s “Grow your own drugs” series, you might remember him using hops for a sleep pillow, along with some lavender.

Mr green suggested I had a go at making one as I’ve been kept awake with hayfever recently.

I found some lovely arches over at StoneBank Ironcraft. Their products are not created on a conveyor belt by machines in China, but are hand made in the UK. Great for reducing air miles!

Quality iron work

In addition, rather than some of the flimsy things I’ve  seen in garden centres and DIY stores, these garden arches are  solid steel, quality garden arches; built to last for generations and you can choose from a choice of finishes; bare metal, galvanised, black or, as it would have to be for us; green!

Stonebank has been making top quality garden and estate ironwork since 1976 and have built up a reputation for providing a personal and reliable service to their customers.

Award winning arches

Their ironwork has featured in a number of award winning gardens and is regularly featured in the press. In addition to the garden arches, Stonebank sell wall arches, gazebos, plant supports and a whole range of other items. Why not pop over and have a browse?

As I’ve written about before, one of the most ethical purchases you can make is to buy something of quality, that you love which will last for many years.

What has been your best recent purchase?