How To Create A Child-Friendly Garden

creating a child friendly garden


Making the garden a child-friendly space is a huge priority for parents, especially during the summer months. After all, no child should be stuck inside during the best time of the year. Gardens are synonymous with exploring and adventure, making them perfect places to burn off energy. However, an outdoor space can also be filled with dangers which might harm your little ones. To create a garden that the whole family can enjoy, here are six things you should so.

  1. Store Those Sharp Tools

Children learn by copying their parents. This means that, if your little ones see you digging up weeds or mowing the lawn, they will want to do so too. While you can give your kids their own tools, their curiosity won’t be fully satisfied until they’ve used yours. The issue here is that those tools can be dangerous in little hands. To keep your kids safe, you must lock your tools away.

  1. Opt For Artificial Grass

When you have little ones running around outside all year, artificial grass definitely has its advantages. Known for being durable, this grass will hold strong no matter how much your kids ride their bikes or play football outside. You will also avoid the hassle of muddy footprints and grass stains. While this grass already provides a soft landing, you can add extra cushioning too.

  1. Keep It Locked Up

Kids are very curious creatures. As interesting as your garden might be if they are given a chance to, they will escape to explore the outside world. This is why, if you don’t already have fencing around your garden, you should have it installed. Rather than doing so yourself, make sure you research landscaping companies. This can save you time, as well as hassle.

  1. Provide Space To Play

Many children have specific spaces in the house where they know they’re allowed to play. These might include their bedrooms, playrooms, and the living room. Giving your kids this space allows you to contain the mess to smaller areas. Rather than let your little ones leave toys all over the garden, you should do the same there. You may want to create an adults-only area as well.

  1. Cover Up The Pool

Pools can offer your kids a world of fun, as well as a space to exercise. However, if you have one in your garden, you must take precautions. The pool should be covered whenever you’re not around to stop your children from swimming unsupervised. You may even want to install a fence around the pool. Ponds and other water features can pose a risk too, so also deal with them.

  1. Watch What Is Planted

Being a parent doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain beautiful flower beds. Nonetheless, you must take care when it comes to the types of flowers you plant. Some of the most common plants, like daffodils and lilies, are toxic to children, as well as animals. If you insist on having these flowers in your garden, you must make it so that your little ones can’t get to them.

Children love to explore the outside world, so make your garden safe for them by following the advice above.